…And Now I’m Whining.

If you didn’t already know, "The Shield" on FX is the finest piece of television programming I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. It is a delightful feast for the mind. And I can’t even find the words to describe the glorious awesomeness of last night’s episode. It’s a good show, people.
I had a dream last night where I stepped on a colored pencil and it went straight through my foot. The pain it kept on coming even after waking up. I really. Hurt. My foot.
I made myself a tasty omlette with red-hot-chili peppers from our garden this morning. Then I gave Merrick a taste of mashed banana from my still-peppery finger, without realizing what I had done–until he started fussing and drooling and just basically hatin’ on me all morning long. Not to worry; I got mine when I rubbed my eye–ouch, damnit!–so now I’m gimp and half-blind.
We’ve been getting some pretty Halloween-y weather lately. Today it’s stormy and chilly; tomorrow it should be just plain cold, which is fine, because Cheyenne and Mia have been dying to wear their coats to school for some strange reason. It’s not like the coats are new or anything. And both the girls also have an unhealthy obsession with umbrellas, so imagine their delight when they woke up to the rain and thunder this morning.
As much as I love the fall, I mourn the passing of flip-flop season. Actually, that’s a lie. I wear my flip-flops until the danger of frostbite is just too great a risk to take, which, really, unless I’m trudging through a foot of snow, I don’t see it ever being a problem. I can dash from my front door to my car in a matter of seconds. I could just park in the garage but for some reason that feels unnatural. Am I right?

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5 responses to “…And Now I’m Whining.

  • Kate

    I was just wondering if you wouldn’t mind giving me the scoop on Tuesday’s Shield. Somehow I accidentally deleted the Shield scheduled recordings before Tuesday so I missed that episode!

  • Toni

    Okay. In my own words: At the beginning of the show, 2-man or whatever his name is went and tried to shoot Ronnie, but he missed. Shane was waiting in Vic’s apartment to shoot him, but Vic never went inside. Olivia and her boss seriously considered hiring Vic to be their "inside" guy. Later, some random police officer arrested 2-man. He totally outright denied having anything to do w/the shooting at first but after Dutch and Billings questioned him for like ever, he started to crack. Shane got the hell out of there before anyone saw him. He had his wife tell Vic’s wife everything bad Vic had done and that if they were caught Vic would go down. Then they left town. Vic and Ronnie wanted to go after him but Claudette said no f-ing way. So Vic RESIGNED. Flat out turned in his badge. Claudette told him not to be messing with the case and he told her to kiss his ass.

  • Bev

    I hope your foot is better!!  As busy as you are with your family, I bet it is a real pain in the patootie to have a hurt foot!

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… did you live close to the dog shooting that was all over the news this afternoon?  I could not believe that happened and the officer shot him!  That’s awful!
    I hope you guys are doing well!  We are heading to St. Louis for a 2nd opinion on Nov. 21st!
    Hugs – Tiff

  • Tiffany

    Yeah… it was in Blanchard.
    Yes, it’s going to be a LONG week for sure!

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