What The.

I bet you all thought I wouldn’t do it.
Then again, I know I’ve mentioned my tendency to burn food. (Ghetto biscotti, anyone?) After baking and bagging 93 rock-hard chocolate chip cookies the other day, I decided I’d better back them up with some stupid Rice Krispy Treats–store bought and lovingly placed in my own plastic wrap so as to give them that home-made touch. Hopefully that’ll satisfy the band mothers. I’m interested to see if they can instinctively detect the fakes, but I’m not sticking around long after I drop them off.
We’ve been doing the pumpkin in stages. Caleb scalped it; a few hours later, I gutted it, and this afternoon we’ll be hurriedly and half-assedly carving it. For some reason, our town is holding its official "trick-or-treat" tonight. My thought is that it would make way too much sense to do it on actual Halloween night, Friday night, when no one has school or work the next morning. No. That would be stupid. So we’re going to have the kids all decked out and ready to go before 5:30 p.m.
I’m also doing a little last minute shopping for Mia’s class party tomorrow; the other room-mother (God bless her–I love her enthusiasm) has gone totally ape with party preparations so I’m scrambling to keep up. Example: She bought 15 wooden pumpkin cut-outs for painting. She was 4 short; after checking every Michael’s within a 50-mile radius of Oklahoma City, she considered buying a JIGSAW ($250) to complete the set. Call me a slacker, but FUCK THAT. I’d come up with some other lame craft involving construction paper and broken crayons.
These kids are going to be partying like rockstars tomorrow–it’s insane. We’ve got cupcakes. Dirt and worms. Cookies. Fruit and dip. Veggies and dip. Mini-sandwiches. Cheese squares with toothpicks. Orange soda. Capri Sun. Party masks, treat bags. It’s all a lot more than I had originally planned, but I’m kind of excited.
Pictures to follow tomorrow or this weekend. You all have a great Halloween!

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2 responses to “What The.

  • miranda

    Umm, can I come to Mia’s party?? I don’t need to have a pumpkin to paint, but the food? Pretty much a pregnant woman’s dream. Also, TOTALLY lame to mess with Halloween when it finally falls on a Friday. I’m all excited that I don’t have to work the next day. I might just stay up until 10p.m. Woo-hoo! :)

  • Joell

    Call me crazy, but it sounds a tad over the top to me…that chick is KAY-RAY-ZAY going and buying a jigsaw??? Are you kidding me??

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