It’s Over. It’s Over.

Halloween was a hit at our house and that party at Mia’s school I was so stressed out about is finally over. Sweet, sweet Lord. The kids ate about 5% of the food we brought, got globs of paint on everything but the stupid wooden pumpkins, glittered the entire room, and took all of 30 seconds to smear my fine cheek art all over their faces–but they had a good time. And I found out why it is that I never went into early childhood education: if I were a preschool teacher, I’d have a serious drinking problem–yes, even more serious than the one I have now. Juicy-Juice spiked with Bacardi? Don’t mind if I do. Just after that party, I’m ready for a beer. Too bad it’s not 1:30 yet.
Took some pictures of the kids and a few sights around town. Please don’t anybody think I hate my oldest child; Cheyenne just can’t stand to have her picture taken. Ever. I have to plot these massive sneak attacks to catch her on camera, and most of the time she foils my plans anyway.
Mia and I had a little falling out on the way back home. You see, we created this ritual a while back where we listen to instrumental music (today it was the soundtrack to "Braveheart") in the car. Mia tells me what "animal" the music "sounds" like–a deer is a low, slow flute song, a tiger is loud and scary–you get it. From there I take it one step further and make up a little story set to the music of the moment. And now I’ll be damned if the kid doesn’t ask me to tell some elaborate Shakespearian drama about animals and the bad men that hunt them every FREAKING TIME we get in the car. Today, after an hour of catering to the whims of preschoolers, I wasn’t in the mood. The story telling set to random music requires me to really think on my toes, and truth be told I just didn’t have the brain power for it. So I gently explained why I couldn’t come up with anything, and Mia, with the piece of sun in her heart, says, "Oh, mommy. I know you can do it! I believe in you!" How do you say no to that? So I gave it my best shot, which, to Mia, must have seemed like I was really half-assing the story, and she wasn’t having it. She had an absolute melt-down, one so extreme and so violent that I almost crashed the car into a tree (by accident or on purpose–take your pick). Nothing grates on the nerves like the steady shrieking of a 4-year-old who hasn’t had her nap. I’m going to have to permanently hide the Braveheart CD.
Election day is getting close, and I’m panicking, but not really. I still haven’t made up my mind–both men seem perfectly competent and likeable enough. I don’t completely understand any of their ideas, and even if I did, I wonder how easy it’s going to be for them to put said ideas into action. I must say I’m not extremely impressed with Sarah Palin–I just have trouble believing that she’s ready to be vice-president, much less president, and let’s face it: John McCain’s no spring chicken. And look at how much being in the White House ages a person. After 4 years, the man will look like he’s 112. Don’t get me wrong–I like him. I do. That said, I love this site. Mia got a huge kick out of the hidden, lipsticked Pitt Bull.
Hope everyone has a good weekend. Happy Halloween!

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6 responses to “It’s Over. It’s Over.

  • barnyardmama

    Little kids make me bat-shit insane. I have no idea how preschool/elementary school teachers do it.  I’d be in an asylum.
    That is very interesting about Mia–probably just a combo of running wild and sugar over-load. Still, might want to hide the Braveheart CD just in case.
    I know what you mean about the election. Funny thing is, I think Sarah Palin is very interesting person–I’m just not sure that is what it takes to be VP or president. 

  • Bev

    My bestie has taught kindergarten for over 25 years.  That she isn’t totally insane and that she is capable of carrying on a decent rational conversation with adults amazes me. 
    Guess how many trick or treaters we had??  Just guess!!   T.W.O.  That’s TWO!!  To say I have left over candy woudl be an understatement. 
    I dread having to vote.  I just don’t think the prez has a whole lot to do with anything.  Congressional seats?  Now THERE is where the problem has been these last 8 years!!

  • James

    have you clicked on the door more that once??

  • Toni

    I had not!!! Thank you James!

  • Tiffany

    Great costumes!  The kids are so ADORABLE!!!!  I cannot believe Merrick is wearing 18 month clothes.  Are you still breastfeeding him?  UGH… Blair is SLOWLY getting bigger.  She is now in 3-6 month clothes!  Yeah, tell me about the funny looks I get when I tell people she is 7 months old!  UGH!  But, we are doing everything we can.  Her respirations are still around 70-80/minute.  Which is double a normal infant! 
    Anyway… I’m glad you guys had fun!
    Big Hugs – Tiffany

  • miranda

    Can’t stand how stinkin’ cute all those new pics are!!

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