Election Day Dilemmas

I took Mia to the polls with me. She was excited at first, but when we rolled up to this little wooden shed in the bumfuck middle of nowhere to cast my vote, she was pretty pissed. Apparently she was to understand there would be balloons and a twisty slide. I don’t know. She was even more pissed that the Braveheart CD had mysteriously disappeared. That didn’t stop her from asking me to tell a story to the tune of Night Ranger’s "Sister Christian".
Cheyenne–God bless her–reminded Caleb and I yesterday about the Oklahoma Honor Band tryouts this Saturday. The problem? The tryouts are being held in a town almost 4 HOURS AWAY. The bigger problem? We can’t really get mad and blame the kid, because technically we were informed…3 months ago. I vaguely remember signing the papers and thinking, "Wow. That’s a long way away. Oh well! Anything for my little princess!"
Merrick has pink eye. It was just a matter of time. Luckily his doctor just went ahead and called in a prescription for eye drops without us having to schedule an appointment and drive all the way into town. I heart our pediatrician.
Noah is getting bolder. This can only be bad. The newness of our house is wearing off and I’m worried I’ll come home someday and find the trash can knocked over, or the couch ripped to shreds, or dog poopy all over the wall. It’s happened before.
I’m in a major predicament…actually, no, I’m not. Not really. I was debating whether or not I should skip The Shield tonight in order to keep an eye on the news, but Vic Mackey needs me. The future president will be there in the morning.
KM–Been reading "Queen Bees and Wannabes". You recommended it some time ago, but I just picked it up at the library last week. It’s amazing–all the stuff you’d think us moms should already know, having been girls at one point in time ourselves, but I feel so enlightened. I’m trying to convince Caleb to read it as well. Good stuff. Thanks for the suggestion.

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3 responses to “Election Day Dilemmas

  • barnyardmama

    Yeah, warms my heart when  someone likes a book I recommend.

  • Tiffany

    You CRACK me up!  Oh, the shows you watch… I feel ya girl!  That’s all I watch too!  Love me some Giada… doesn’t that bitch know her stuff or what?  And, makes it look SO freaking easy!  Kind of pisses me off!  :)
    I cannot believe you guys got another dog… TOO FUNNY!  I’m a sucker for pets too.  We are down to one dog… FINALLY… but, I can’t wish for her to die because she’s only 2 so she’s got some time left!  hehehe
    Hugs girl!

  • Joell

    What story did you put to the tune of Sister Christian??  Inquiring minds want to know.

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