Glutton For Punishment

My kids.
Cheyenne–made the Honor Band. Out of 150+ students, she made the cut–12th chair out of 14. Go her. What will this involve? An overnight trip on Feb 6th to a town 45 minutes away, a whole day dedicated to learning new music, and a concert put on for the parents that very night. I think we can handle that.
Mia–is officially done with soccer for the season. How did it end? Not well. I’d like to strangle the coach. Remember in the beginning when I was just sure the coach wouldn’t take these girls seriously and that her number 1 priority was her son’s football team? And I said we’d stick it out and give it a chance and maybe, just maybe, I’d be proven wrong? I wasn’t. The season unfolded exactly as I was afraid it would–they had a total of 3 practices on a grassy/gravelly patch of parking lot near big brother’s football practice. Half the games–including the very last trophy-handing-out game–were cancelled on account of THE COACH bailing out in order to watch big brother’s football, and when the poor girls did actually get to play (on a real field for a change), the coach would get so pissed off at them for not knowing what the hell they were doing. It was all I could do for that hour every Saturday (or every other Saturday) not to punch that woman in the face. Oh, the girls looked good, for sure–with their pink outfits and matching socks and cute little handmade matching bows and their embroidered bags–but they were all frosting and no cupcake. And they still don’t know a thing about soccer.
Caleb and I have decided to coach next season, because A) I’ve mentioned before how we like to torture ourselves, right? B) We feel bad complaining about the coach when we hadn’t volunteered to do anything and C) We’re not complete control freaks, but we just don’t trust anyone but us to coach our daughter. And I think if you’re going to volunteer to coach, then you should be dedicated to those kids. What kind of message did these girls get from the coach this year? That the boys and their football is more important? That girl sports don’t count for shit? UGGGGGGGGGGG. I hate the way that woman ran the team. I’m tempted to name names and list phone numbers. 
Merrick–is so close to crawling he can almost taste it. The boy can move. He gets up on his hands and knees and concentrates so hard. With this comes an obvious downside–now I have to start paying attention to where I lay him and what he can reach. It came too fast.

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One response to “Glutton For Punishment

  • Joell

    1.  CHEYENNE ROCKS IT!  WOW.  Yes, go her.
    2.  You need to smack that woman upside her clueless head.  ‘Nuff said.
    3.  LOL @ "I think we’ll just call him HEAD"…ROFL. 

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