My Kryptonite

Another day, another doctor’s appointment. Took Merrick back to the neurosurgeon for his 8-week post-operation checkup. Spent about 45 minutes driving to downtown Oklahoma City, half an hour in the waiting room and about 5 seconds with the actual doctor–TRUE STORY, NO LIE. While I have much respect for this man’s mad knife skillz, he himself is such a fucking bore to talk to. When we first met him, I thought his personality sucked partly because he was trying to be serious and sensitive to our plight; now, after everything with Merrick is cool, he still sucks. For that man to touch my son’s head and say "Looks good to me," I’ll be charged $600.00.
But whatever.
I love my kid. That’s a given. I’d do anything for him, even if it meant racking up 6 million dollars in bills for daily speed-dates with the neurosurgeon.
Growing up with all sisters and never having a boy myself up until now, I never understood what all the fuss was about having a son. I pretty much assumed (both of) my mothers-in-law were delusional crazy ladies because they thought their perfect little boys could do no wrong. I honestly couldn’t have cared less if I ever had a boy, and that if I did, I certainly wouldn’t think he was God’s gift to the world.
My, how the tables have turned. I never felt quite this way about my girls. I don’t know how to explain it. I love them both to death, but they never had me totally wrapped around their little fingers like they have Caleb, and like Merrick has me. I guess I know what it’s like to be a girl–and I got no sympathy for them. I know that’s probably wrong. I’m so protective of Merrick. I am absolutely in love with my son. He is truly perfect. And sweet, and adorable, and there’s no way he could ever grow up to hurt anyone, or be disrespectful to women…He will stand up for what’s right and defend the weak. Basically, he’s a super-hero without a cape. But that’s just cause I haven’t learned to sew. Give it time.

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6 responses to “My Kryptonite

  • Tiffany

    TOO Cute about Mia kissing a boy!  Oy!  :)  Baylee hasn’t quite got the whole boy thing… and I think I like it that way!  :)  I can’t imagine what the teen years are going to be like.  I’m already praying that she’s gentle on me! 
    I’m glad things are going well for Merrick and it’s TOO CUTE that he’s already doing the crawling/trying to stand thing.  Blair can get on her big belly and she will push up with her arms, but then she just looks around and smiles.  I’ve already prepared myself for her being "behind" in that area so it’s okay.  We continue to work with the Physical Therapist for it. 
    Tell me about driving to the Dr’s!  At least you live fairly close to a Children’s Hospital.  Tomorrow we leave for St. Louis and it’s 6 HOURS from here… spend the night… have the appt Friday at 1:50 and turn around and drive 6 hours back!  UGH!!!!!  Wish me luck!
    Hugs girlie!

  • barnyardmama

    Hmmmmm. . . I have no experience with girls, so I don’t know what to say. In fact, even my pets are boys. I’m the only girl in this house.

  • Joell

    It’s so funny to read this….because I know exactly what you mean!  LOL.  My boy can do no wrong.

  • l

    I totally get what you mean.  I’m a Mom to two boys and I can tell you with my oldest I haven’t liked one girl he has brought home!  They’re all whores….  lolol  Okay I know I’m being harsh and no they are not all whores…well maybe not.

  • Unknown

    TRUE DAT sister!!!  On the boy-topic.  Yup, yup, yup… didn’t I tell you?  Well if I didn’t, I should’ve and I meant to.  But it’s so different.  Just this evening I was talking with several moms about this exact topic.  There is something about a mother’s son – they warm your hearts in a totally different way.  I could never put it into words, and I’ve given up trying.  But I’m in total agreement: I am completely in love with my little boy.  And of course, I love my daughter with my everything too.  But it is different…

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