Hugh Jackman–Sexiest Man Alive? I’ll buy that, so long as he’s got sideburns-on-steroids and Wolverine-style claws. That’s hot. He’s on my short list, along with Gerard Butler, James Franco, Steve from Blue’s Clues, and The Rock. With the exception of Gerard Butler, I clearly have a thing for guys with brown eyes.
I can’t get the song "Womanizer" out of my head. I’m starting to love it. I guess Britney’s got her shit back together. Her haircut is suspiciously similar to mine again. Time to start keeping my blinds closed.
Last night in my neighborhood, there were some cars broken into. My house sits diagonally in between the houses that were hit–the police thought that maybe the crooks trekked through my yard to get from point A to point B, and they spent all morning pacing back and forth behind my house, driving my dogs absolutely bonkers. I’m significantly creeped out; we normally park our cars in the driveway, but since Caleb’s been in Atlanta all week for training, I’ve been pulling into the garage at night and turning on the outside lights. I have my doubts that my old Saturn would’ve been a target, but when I think of the garage door opener I keep so conviently there in my car, I get chills down my spine. I told the police officer this, and he said, "Don’t worry about it, baby girl. We’ll keep you safe. You don’t by any chance have a video surveillance system, do you?"
Ha. Ha. Ha. Baby girl? I’m pretty sure I was older than that cop. And how exactly do they keep people safe? A nice thought, to be sure, but practically speaking, unless they were patrolling my block 24/7, I wouldn’t bet my life on it. I won’t even comment on the video surveillance, except to say VIDEO-FUCKING-SURVEILLANCE, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? I know I’m making a big deal out of a few little car robberies. I’ve seen way too many scary movies, and I seem to remember each one in complete detail only when my husband’s out of town. I have to put my 4-year-old in bed with me to feel brave, and I rely on my big goofy dogs for protection when they would surely sell out for a beggin’ strip. Thank God Caleb will be back tonight…although I’d probably be more protected with someone who had knives growing out of his hands.

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4 responses to “Wolverine

  • l

    There have been more break-ins around my area too, I feel it will only get worse as the economy worsens.  Personally I’m a Clive Owen girl, Hugh doesn’t really do it for me.

  • Bev

    I don’t know about your garage door system, but ours has a button you can push once you are in for the night and the door openers in your car won’t work.  You might check and see if yours has one.  There are two small buttons below the big button you push to close the garage door.  Once you push one of those small buttons, the big one starts flashing its light so you know it is set for the night.  This is just a thought for you.
    I think Jackman is HOT!!  And talented!!
    Bundle up for this cold snap, my friend!!

  • barnyardmama

    Probably just some meth heads looking for some easy cash. That happened twice while I lived in ARK. They say that dogs are the best alarm system, so you’re probably good.

  • Joell

    You may remember I dedicated pretty much a whole blog post to my dear Gerry Butler…OH how I love a Scottish brogue. SIGH.  I gotta agree with all your other pics, but Steve?  Blue’s Clues Steve???  I don’t get that one.  <shakes head>  Each to her own though. 
    I think whether Brit Brit has her crap together remains to be seen….I’m taking a wait and see approach there.  But I sincerely do hope so.  Bless her heart, as we Southerners say, whenever we don’t know what else to say.
    Dang girl!  I would be freaked out about the robbers slinking around in my backyard and no manly Caleb (or Blue’s Clues Steve) there to help a sista out.  And the cop calling you baby girl??? Seriously?  I think Katy is right though…some Kids looking to score some change to buy their dope.  Glad you have all those big "scary" dogs.

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