The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

I HEART our neighbor/friends, Miss Shawna and Mr. Billy. For the record, Thanksgiving was awesome. It almost felt like we were back at home with family. The food was delicious. Today we’re all fat and happy and we’re taking it easy.
Now that we have less than a month until Christmas, I’m starting to wonder what I should get the kids. I bought Cheyenne something a while back. I hid it so good that I can’t find it at all. Seriously, I’ve looked everywhere. Anyway, she’s so much fun to buy for clothes-wise because she’s so into dressing up. For Mia I’m thinking of one thing and one thing only: a doll house. At 4 years old, it’s just prime time for such a thing. That, and I’ve always wanted one ever since I can remember. In fact, the only reason I got pregnant at 15 is because I never did have a doll house–a big ass, wooden, gingerbread-shingley pink doll house. I don’t want to deprive Mia of my–ahem, HER dream. Merrick–well, I’m sure he’ll be happy with whatever, so long as he can chew on it without choking. Babies are so easy.
I can’t help but be in a good mood this time of year. It’s like my birthday, only better. Nothing makes me happier than putting sparkly ornaments on a tree, and wrapping presents, and drinking hot chocolate and wearing cozy sweaters. I mean, I guess I could do all that stuff just for the hell of it, and you know what? I probably would if I didn’t have a husband to tell me how ridiculous I am. I’d leave the Christmas lights up and on all year round. I’d buy an artificial tree just so I could decorate it at every holiday. Think of it–a Valentine’s Day tree, an Easter-themed tree, a birthday tree (with presents underneath once again)…The excitement would never die. Everyday would be a celebration. I’d be happy all the time, and so would everyone else.

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5 responses to “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  • Bev

    I am glad you had a great time on Thanksgiving.  You are fortunate to have such good friends.  Oh!! If you guys could bottle Merrick’s adorableness you could be rich!! 
    Have a great week!!

  • miranda

    So, yeah. I decorated when we got home from Thanksgiving dinner. Well, we still have to get a tree, but everything else is done. I even decorated Hayley’s room; I gave her all my favorite stuff and the little Christmas countdown. So every morning I go in there and talk to her about Christmas as I change the little countdown.Oh, and the whole holiday tree idea? You know I had a New Years Tree, right? Yeah. LOVE.

  • barnyardmama

    we would SO hang out if we lived closer to each other. I LOVE the idea of year-long holiday tree. Actually, I’m currently beginning of my crazy plan to have a x-mas tree in every room of my house. I currently have two themed trees–gold and ivory and LSU. 
    Hey, have you been getting my e-mails? I’m not trying to sound all stalker-ish, but I wasn’t sure if you were.

  • Joell

    See, I agree with the all year tree mainly because I hate UNdecorating after the holidays.  It’s such a bummer.  And I suppose I’m just inherently lazy.
    Loved your T’giving pics.  Y’all look so cute and happy!  And Cheyenne smiled for the camera!  Awesome.

  • Nikki

    YAY! I was finally able to sign in so I could comment. I’ve been trying to FOREVER. lol
    A year around tree??? Ugh, I’d go nuts.  If I had my way we wouldn’t even put the tree up.  Grinch = Nikki

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