Sigh of Relief

Day…I don’t know, but I think Caleb and I have gotten over our fight. No, he didn’t apologize, but the important thing is…neither did I. We’re pretty much good–although he did douse me with a pitcher of ice cold water in the shower last night for the second time this week.
I’ll forgive him for that…
But I won’t forget.
A Christmas enthusiast like myself can’t help but be in a complete state of happiness today; the sun is not shining. It’s buttass cold outside, and the weather experts are predicting snow by this afternoon. All three of my dogs are sleeping. Merrick is playing contently in his walker. Mia is pushing a humongous box around the living room, and Cheyenne is primping for school. I sit on my couch in the cozy glow of tree lights, listening to my Christmas clock chime "Deck The Halls" for 7:00. Life is good.
This weekend we’re going to go ahead with The Great Bedroom Upheaval. It’s going to involve a lot of white paint and cussing. Caleb and I will probably fight again–unless I can convince him to just follow my lead as far as furniture placement goes. I have a plan–and I know it will work–I only need him and his muscles to put that plan into action.
I’ve been totally bad about answering e-mails and phone calls the last couple weeks. I’m not ignoring anyone; promise. I just get sidetracked. Easily. As evidenced by my inability to finish a load of laundry.

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