Booked All Afternoon

December 11th, 2008. Our 4th anniversary. Caleb’s present? I’m shaving my legs today, and I might let him win a game of UNO.
We’re celebrating by going to not one, but TWO story times at the public library, followed by a middle school choir concert at 7:00 tonight. This day is going to kick ass.
And I just realized the dollhouse we ordered has a most excellent 3rd floor balcony.
I read something the other day on Texas Girl Jenn’s site that really hit home. She is an amazing writer.  All the serious thoughts I have (I swear I do have serious thoughts–on occasion) but can never put into words? Always captured perfectly on her page. She’s good. She’s real good. You can access the post from the link on the left. I tried to trackback but couldn’t really figure it out.

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3 responses to “Booked All Afternoon

  • miranda

    Happy Anniversary!!!!Today is my little sister’s 18th birthday. I can. not. believe. she’s all grown up.

  • Joell

    Happy Anniversary girl! I’ve a day that has been both awesome and sucky in one. How about that.I think I need to go visit this Texas Girl Jenn…

  • TexasGirlJen

    Love the shave legs gift — ha! It’s actually a great one btw….THANK YOU for the shout out/compliment. Aw! So sweet!Where did you get those big wall sticker thingys? I’m doing Kate’s room soon and that is just TOO COOL.Have a GREAT Christmas!butter story- priceless.

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