The Day After My Anniversary

Okay. So I’m driving back from dropping Mia off at school and I decide it’s high time I listen to something other than the Christmas Carol station; FLO RIDA! is on, so I start jamming. I love booty music; it is my one guilty pleasure (well, not my one–I have many) but I don’t get much chance to play it as I feel incredibly guilty letting the kids hear it. The guilt started one day when I heard Cheyenne singing "I am. Getting. So Hot. I’m Gonna Take my Clothes off!" at 7 years old. So basically ever since then.
Anyway, it takes me about halfway through the song to realize that I had been muting all the "bad" parts and a sleeping Merrick didn’t care one way or another. I then noticed that the back window was down–thank you, Mia–and that all the people in the drop-off traffic had probably heard my feeble attempt at gangsta rap. Bad? Yes. Worse? Apparently the Saturn’s windows are not as tinted as I had thought; I guess my rear-view mirror video-making days are over.
Yesterday was fantastic. Tiring, but fantastic. Caleb and I played chess–a little sexier than UNO, yes?–before calling it a night. We all overslept this morning, and when I got back to the house after embarrassing myself–er, I mean, dropping the kids off at school, Noah had eaten 50 crayons and broken into a pack of markers. There’s electric turquoise ink all over the living room floor. Fucker. Were these things left in a spot that he could presumably reach? No. This dog is a ninja, I swear.
My father-in-law is flying in today. The wonderful thing about this man is that he never expects me to have a clean house–which works for me on a day like today. Although I have already mopped the living room floor…
All my Christmas shopping is done. Done. Caleb and I decided a long time ago that we’d only be buying for the kids this year; you’d think that our whittled-down list would’ve made things easy–but it was difficult I tell you! Have you ever tried to spend $250 total on 3 kids–Santa Claus presents included? Damn near impossible. I came in around $115 a piece for the girls, and $70 for Merrick. A little over budget, but I’m proud of myself nonetheless. The only problem comes next year–or the year after that–or whenever we’re in a better position moneywise–Caleb will expect the same gift-giving restraint, which did not come easily for me in the retail wonderland that is the Christmas season. I hope I can hold out 12 more days without buying anything else.

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4 responses to “The Day After My Anniversary

  • Joell

    So you were busted rocking it in the carpool line…other people wish they had as much fun as you! HA.Glad you and Caleb had a good day. I love people that don’t care if your house isn’t clean. Everyone needs people like that.Hope it’s a fun weekend…OH and congrats on being money conscious! I’m still way far from having my shopping finished. UGH.

  • barnyardmama

    Flo Rida is good. Don’t be ashamed–I bet half the other mommies like it too.You own a ninja dog and that wasn’t the first thing you posted? Crazy.

  • Bev

    You have ALL your Christmas shopping done?? Done??? I have NADA, ZIP, NOTHING bought. And if you can buy all your kids Christmas for that amount, Caleb should be kissing your feet. Ya wanna come help me??? I wish I could afford a personal shopper. I just am still not up to par, but I HAVE to get ready for Christmas. Have a great weekend you little booty music lover you!! :)B

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… I’m so glad that you and Caleb aren’t fighting! :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the dollhouse. Where did you find it? Too cute! I too, am guilty of loving some booty shakin’ music. But, I too have to be careful with little listening ears in the car. So I normally listen to High School Musical, Taylor Swift or Hannah Montana when she’s in the car. And, normally she really just likes to watch her Barbie movies.Aren’t you loving this weather? We have a solid sheet of ice on the ground and yet the schools are still open. They are freaking nutso!I’m also on a restricted shopping budget this year. And, I agree that it’s hard. The most expensive thing that Baylee wanted from Santa this year was $65.00 and the rest was cheap stuff. Like the Barbie Christmas movie, High School Musical 3 CD, Barbie’s that are like $5.00… so she is easy. I just have a couple other things to get her and I’m done. I haven’t got Blair anything yet. She’s hard because she’s go everything that Baylee use to have… toys and all. Actually, I did buy them some clothes from Gymboree… I NEVER shop there because they are SO expensive, but check this out. They were having a sale… yes, even on their winter clothing + 25% off of that + 20% off from a coupon I had. I love it when they have sales like that and I have coupons. I think everything I got ended up being 75% off. That’s cheaper than Wal-Mart clothes and it lasts longer. Especially Baylee’s clothes when I’m going to hand them down to Blair.Ninja dog sounds like my Ninja dog that can jump our 6ft privacy fence! Hugs to you Mama!Tiff

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