Happy New Year

January 2009! Wowee. Can’t believe it. I’m hoping this year will be a lot better than last year, or at least a little easier.
The kids are all freakin’ great. Cheyenne is still very much in love with her new video games. I haven’t gotten her phone to work yet, no matter how many hours I’ve spent on the phone with Virgin Mobile representatives, all of whom have very "American" names but can’t hardly speak a word of English apart from their obvious scripts. Aw well. I’ve decided to give myself a break this morning and wait til after lunch to let them know that Cheyenne’s phone is still not working.
Mia’s been playing with this old bouncy horse Caleb brought down from the attic the other day, while her big dollhouse and all the other Christmas toys gather dust. She convinced him to get down the wagon today–Caleb spent all morning toting Mia and Merrick around in it.
Merrick is getting in his two top teeth. He sleeps terribly. He hates sitting still. He hates crawling. He even hates his exer-saucer. All he wants to do is walk. He pulls himself up to a stand every chance he gets. I’ll go to check on him at night when he cries and he’s just standing there in his crib, everytime. I’m not ready for this stage; it’s come way to fast, and I’m worried he’s going to fall and poke himself in the brain somehow.
Caleb and I have been out driving around and looking at property the last couple days. It all started with this one house; a fixer-upper on 12 acres for $89,000. We were disappointed that the fixer-upper was more like a tear-downer, but it turned us on to checking out some more land–our idea is that if we found the right property for the right price at the right time, that maybe, just maybe, we would consider putting the house up for sale and moving. The criteria? Not too far away, 10 or more acres, preferably no more than $3000 per acre. The land plus the cost of putting some sort of house on it would have to equal out to significantly less than what we’re in now. We’ve seen a 40 acre plot way out in the bumfuk middle of nowhere for $70,000; it was huge, and beautiful, but the town had this Texas-Chainsaw-Massacre vibe and the people seemed really white-trashy…or white-radio-active-waste-y, I should say. It was bad. And it would’ve tacked on 45 minutes more to Caleb’s drive to work. No go.
My favorite piece of property so far was a place about 15 minutes down the highway; 20 acres off a gravel road way out in the country, on this beautiful hill, overlooking lots more beautiful hills, and woods–we saw it right at sunset and it literally took my breath away. And I had to pee real bad, so I crouched down behind our car and went, marking my territory like a dog. Now when I refer to the land I always say, "You know, babe, it’s the piece of property I peed on." And Caleb knows exactly what I’m talking about.
And that, in a nutshell, is what’s been going on around here in the new year. I’d say it’s a nice start to 2009.

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2 responses to “Happy New Year

  • miranda

    Elf was on a continuous 24 hour loop on some station here New Year’s Eve and I watched it no less than 3 times, every time thinking of you of course!I’m so glad you had a happy holiday! Here’s to a fantastic 2009!!

  • Michael

    Texas Chainsaw Massacre vibe…?? People walking around with chain sharpeners while blood flows down the street??You never fail to make me laugh!

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