January 6th, 2009. Nip/Tuck comes on tonight, and here we are, still paying for Direct TV. I will be forced to watch the show, thus making it harder to cut off the cable when the time comes. Crap.
Caleb and I have developed a nightly ritual of playing 2 games of checkers and 2 games of chess (instead of UNO–that was sooo last year.) I used to be a worthy opponent when it came to these games; lately he’s been spanking my ass every night and it’s really taking a toll on my self esteem. Last night, when he check-mated me in no more than 3 moves, I accused him of playing online in his spare time, of taking secret chess classes, or reading an article "How to Beat Someone at Chess in 3 Moves or Less". How else is it that he’s getting better and better at the game and I seem to get stupider and stupider?
We’ve pretty much gotten over our quest for the perfect piece of land. We looked at a half-built house on 5 acres of woods in what appeared to be Skanktown the other day. We drove around in the country for a while looking at nothing but horses and cows and a few alpacas. We revisited the land that I peed on. It’s not so much that we wouldn’t want to live on a big honkin’ piece of property in the middle of nowhere; it’s just the thought of putting our house–our dear house, that we’ve loved since it was a just a heap of dirt–up for sale makes me want to puke. Can you imagine me–with 3 messy kids and 3 messy dogs, having the house ready to show at a moment’s notice? Yeah, right.
Plus, if we did settle somewhere farther out in the country, it’d be like surrendering to the idea that we’re here in Oklahoma to stay–forever. And while it wouldn’t be bad if that’s truly what we end up doing, part of me is holding out hope for a move a little more south and east. If we bought a ton of land here, we’d be way less likely to want to move anywhere else. One day. Maybe. Maybe Caleb gets transferred, maybe Caleb finds another job entirely, maybe we win the lottery or strike it big at an Indian Casino and we build our dream home on the beach in Pensacola. Or not. The possibilities are endless. And anyway, I’m happy where we’re at.
Or I will be once I figure out how to beat Caleb at chess in 3 moves.

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2 responses to “Moves

  • barnyardmama

    I’m with you–I never, ever want to try to sell my house. I’m near my family and hello? I’m a complete mess, so selling would be a nightmare.

  • Tiffany

    We’ve had our house for sale for almost 2 years now! UGH! I want to move back to Fayetteville… actually Farmington because that town still has the small town feel and it’s RIGHT next to Fayetteville. Plus, about 30 minutes closer to Britt’s office. So that would be nice. But, we’ve been looking at land too. Maybe something with a smaller house on it. And, maybe just land that we could build on. There are some great deals out there right now. How far are you guys from OK City?Hugs – Tiff

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