What’s stupid?

Stupid is driving a car emblazoned with a big fat University of Florida bumper sticker right through the middle of Sooner Country on game day.
I had to go into Norman to do my grocery shopping, okay? I had to. I didn’t even think–it didn’t even occur to me…thankfully, I got my kids and the groceries safely home without being run completely off the road, or shot, or bombed.
OU people get crazy about football.
Caleb and I Net-Flixed "I Am Legend" this week. Normally I hate zombie movies, but this particular one gave some very practical advice on how to survive in a zombie-infested world, and I’m always open to ideas since zombies scare the shit out of me. I realize now that we’re going to have to invest in some heavy artillery. I wonder if Caleb would see the appeal of living in an underground bunker.
Now, though, if aliens attack, we’re pretty much screwed. Screwed, I tell you.

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3 responses to “What’s stupid?

  • Bev

    I thought about you last night as I watched the game. I am not a crazed Sooner fan like most Oklahoman’s, but I cheer for my Oklahoma teams when the play. However, that said, the Sooners were just outplayed in every respect by Florida. Florida definitely deserved the win. Tebow and team were awesome. I was a little frustrated at the "Stoop-idity" shown by our home team. Okay, now I can get rocks thrown at me too! heheheI haven’t watched that movie. I’ll have to ask hubby if he has. I’d be a nice fat morsel for some alien lunch!!BBB

  • Georgia

    Girl, you are a trip! Sorry about the loss last night ~ watched the game and picked Oklahoma to win. Anyone but damn Florida, ugh… Still beat my hubby in our football pool, so all is still right with the world. :) Sounds like your family had an awesome Christmas ~ wonderful! Your pictures are great!! Happy belated ’09’ ~ hope your year is filled with all good things.Be great,j

  • Georgia

    ps ~ if zombies ever invade, please promise you’ll blog all of that handy-dandy zombie survival advice!

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