Okay, okay. I’m not quitting my blog; must’ve been the lack of sleep and the dreariness of January talking. Be forewarned, though: until Merrick is 5 years old, I might be too tired to be funny. Seriously? This kid is wearing me out. He’s a maniac. He’s into everything. He wants to walk so bad he can taste it, and I help him as much as I can by following him around everywhere, holding him up by his hands. When I’m not there to assist, he turbo-crawls around and around the kitchen and living room. Cold tiles do not bother him, but they make me a nervous wreck because I’m afraid he’s going to smash his head like a watermelon, which, to me, is not an unfounded fear. I have recurring nightmares where Merrick scratches and scratches his head until he finally pulls stitches wide open, revealing a bloody pulsating little brain.
Too far? Yeah.
But that’s the kind of stuff I dream. I wonder why I’m in such a bad mood all the time.
Mia stayed home from school today, yet again. She missed out on class pictures and pet show-and-tell, but that’s the least of my worries. She threw up again last night, and she’s still having a little bit of diarreah. I’d hate to send her off to class and get a call from the nurse’s office later on. She doesn’t need to be getting any other kids sick anyway.
Cheyenne has signed up to do a duet with her best friend in the upcoming choir solo/ensemble contest, which surprises me, because I naturally assumed she was way too shy to sing in public unless she was with at least 30 other people. I’m oh-so-proud and I’m dying to hear what she sounds like when she really tries. Every now and then I’ll hear her singing softly in the shower; Caleb and I will stand outside the door straining to hear every last note. I’m not sure she’s real excited about the thought of us coming to this contest. Can she perform in front of her teacher and 3 judges? Oh, sure. But her family? Oh hellllll no. And I actually know how she feels, because I was the same exact way at her age.
The girls and I have discovered the sheer awesomeness of We’ve all become fairy-making freaks around here. I, myself, just like to pick out leaf-clothes and funky fairy names; Cheyenne and Mia take it one step further and actually play the games and make fairy-houses.
Read something from KM today that kind of put me back in check as far as being a stay-at-home mom. It helped me to remember that, no matter what anyone thinks, even though I don’t earn any actual money, my job is still very, very important.

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2 responses to “Back

  • Bev

    I’m glad KM got you to see how important your "job" is!! IMHO it is one of the MOST important jobs ever. Ever!! Boy….does Merrick look like a mini-Toni or WHAT!! Such a cutie pie!! Sounds like you’d best be taking some good vitamins in order to keep up with him.I was much like Cheyenne and still am. I don’t like to sing by myself. I like to have lots of people singin’ with me. I bet she is going to do great! Here’s hoping that Mia is better. That is sucky that she missed class pics and show and tell.You take care, my friend!! Hugs!BBB

  • Tiffany

    Didn’t you love KM’s post? UGH! I so loved it! Okay, so I’m totally LOVING the weather today! Aren’t you? We went to the park earlier and Blair LOVED the swings! She wants to crawl so bad, but she keeps getting stuck on her belly! Kind of funny, but it’s not because she could really get places. :) He will be walking before you know it! He is such a big boy and so stinking cute!I’m glad you are not going to quit blogging… I would die!Hugs – Tiff

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