Somebody Shoot Me Please.

Today was my mom’s birthday. She celebrated by working all night long doing inventory at Dillard’s. I celebrated by grocery shopping.
Bedtimes are killing me. Merrick is relentless–he wakes up every hour on the hour and that’s a conservative estimate. If I don’t go to him right away he gets more and more upset until he’s wide-a-freakin’-wake–and so is Mia. Most nights I send her off to my bed so that she can get some sleep. I feed him, I rock him, I try anything and everything. It doesn’t matter if I lay him right beside me or back in his own crib; as soon as he’s out of my arms, he’s crying his little head off. Sometimes he cries even when he’s still in my arms.
I’m not totally sold on the crying-it-out approach, mainly because I. Can’t. Stand. To. Hear. Him. Cry. I haven’t been able to fully commit to this technique because it’s absolutely excruiciating to listen to Merrick scream for 5 minutes, much less an hour. But tonight, I’m tempted, even though it’s going to involve closed doors, blaring TVs, earplugs…and maybe even a little bit of Nyquil. I am tempted.
This is kid #3 for me–how have I not gotten this sleeping thing right by now? Mia still won’t sleep in her own bed all night; I must admit the current situation is not helping her with that.
I put Merrick down at 8:20 and he’s starting to fuss a little right now at 9:00. I give him 10 minutes before he’s throwing a full-fledged tantrum. The nightmare begins. I’m so tired I want to die.
And with that, being as how it is now 9:12, I’m off to bed to get what little sleep I can.
Right after I overdose on Nyquil.

It is now 1:55. Merrick has gotten up 4 or 5 times since I first put him to bed, but so far I’ve been able to soothe him back to sleep fairly quickly by rubbing his tummy or picking him up and rocking him for a second–until now. Yes, he is back there screaming, but I think it’s starting to taper off after only two 5 to 10 minute intervals. I’m distracting myself with the computer while he wails. Hopefully he can’t last much longer. He’s eventually got to sleep, right? Right?

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4 responses to “Somebody Shoot Me Please.

  • Tiffany

    Girl… do you need me to come for a visit and give you a break? I know that would be hard since you breastfeed. He sounds like Baylee when she was 2 1/2. I would think the "letting him scream" thing would of worked by now. Does he have much gas since you breastfeed him? I’m so sorry and I wish there was something I could say or do to take that away! Hopefully things will change soon with him and he will start sleeping better!!!Big Hugs – Tiff

  • Tiffany

    Hey girl… I hope you guys didn’t get too much ice and have power! Just thought I would check in with you! Hugs – Tiff

  • Unknown

    I know you don’t want my opinion… but has it gotten better? This sounds like a classic case of OVERTIRED baby (?) Why is he not going to bed until 8? He could easily go down for the night at 6:30/7, don’t you think?? Anyway… IF by any chance you want some words from a mommy who has battled sleep and WON (and read every sleep book for babies known to parenthood) with two children so far… who sleep in their own beds, 12-13 hrs per night, and a 5 and a half year old who still naps (wink) shoot me a note :) If not… I really hope he’s sleeping for you better this month – Mommy deserves her rest time, too. And I know cry it out is a total bitch, no one wants to endure that…

  • Unknown

    PS – I only mention the overtired thing b/c it is the most common sleep problem with third babies who are unfortunately trying to keep up with older siblings and their schedules of soccer practice, school routines, homework, dinner hour chaos, etc. But seriously, sleep begets sleep. The more he sleeps during the day – in his own crib – the more he’ll sleep through the night…

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