Still Here

Hello, Outside World.
We had ice, snow, and, thankfully, power over the past several days. Things are starting to thaw out now and our backyard has that frosted-mini-wheat look to it that I love.
The bedtime/nighttime routine is working out as well as can be expected. Merrick is teething, plus I think he’s hit that lovely stage where he starts to get a little separation anxiety whenever I’m not around. But I can’t complain. Although he still wakes up 50 times a night, he’s easy to console and he usually goes right back to sleep after only a few minutes (instead of the usual half-hour breastfeeding session, which, I admit, was made a habit by my laziness more than his desire to eat.)
Of course he’ll sleep miserably tonight just because I typed something about it.
I’m still a little homesick for Florida; my sister Katie is planning a wedding and Reese is getting baptized in March.
I’m getting a haircut tomorrow.
And then we’re going to a wine/goodbye party at a friend’s house.
That is all.

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2 responses to “Still Here

  • Bev

    Hey Toni! Glad you survived the ice and sleet! I am SO glad it has melted off. It was the PITS getting to and from work every day. I made it over to OKC to see my Daddy. We had a blast playing dominoes and cribbage. Plus, we went out for his fave Chinese food. So it was a GOOD day. I hope little Mister starts sleeping better so you can too!Hugs to ya!BBB

  • Tiffany

    Hey girlie! I’m so glad you guys didn’t lose power. Did you get a lot of ice? We had about 2 inches or so! It’s STILL melting off and we didn’t have school all week except Monday here. I’m glad the nightime routine seems a little better! Try teething tablets if he’s teething… I think they work wonders! Big Hugs – Tiff

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