Yesterday I paid to have my hair hacked clean off. It’s the shortest I’ve ever had it…and I actually like it. I skipped the Drunken Bum Salon and went somewhere a little more upscale this time. (I had a gift certificate–thank you Shawna.) A friendly sober lady washed my hair, and played with my hair, and then snipped it all away into a simple brown bob like she loved me.
It’s really swingy.
Caleb and I had a great time at the wine-and-goodbye party–we left the girls at home and, even though we had Merrick with us, for a moment, it almost felt like a grown-up night out. (Thank you Shawna and Billy–I swear if it weren’t for them, Caleb and I would never have any fun.)
We had some mad ice and snow last week, but it’s all mostly gone except for the crazy 3 foot drifts we’ve got in the shade of our house. I’m just so thankful that we can finally make it down our driveway now; our neighborhood is slightly hilly and it’s probably the only place in our town that people had a tough time getting around in.
I’ve got a ton of new pictures, mostly of Merrick, that I’ll try to put up later. Have a good week, people.

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One response to “Sunday

  • Tiffany

    Hey Momma… I’m LOVING the new pics! Merrick is such a cutie and little miss is just darling… even though she was pissed in that picture! :) Now, you need to get some pics of the new hair-do! Big Hugs – Tiff

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