February…10th? Really?

The picture of the creepy man in thigh-high boots and red panties? Sean Connery in "Zardoz", the worst…I want to say "movie" but it just doesn’t seem like the right word…thing I’ve ever had the displeasure of watching. Ever.
But that’s coming from someone who thinks Madagascar 2 just might be the most heavenly brilliant cinematic achievement the world has ever known. (So scrumptroulescent, I can barely move.)
We’ve been having a busy week. Band concerts, dentists appointments, choir contests, soccer sign-ups. I’ll tell you what we’re not doing: fighting with Mia in the morning about her hair. Her new style is really working for her. It’s just a quick–and I do mean quick–brush and BAM!–she’s ready to go.
I’m loving this warm weather. Caleb and I have already started talks about what we’re (he’s) going to plant in our garden this year. We’ve already decided that cucumbers are a no go. They never grow right and I hate them anyway. We could probably handle a little less yellow squash, and I think we’re cutting back on jalepeno peppers too. We can never have too many tomatoes or onions. I love gardening (read also gardening: spoils of, and gardening: other people’s hard work.)
The end.

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4 responses to “February…10th? Really?

  • barnyardmama

    I do not like gardening. At first it’s OK, but then it get too hot to move and I decide that nothing is worth going out in that boiling sun.KM

  • Joell

    Never been too much of a gardener, though I do appreciate the benefits of having friends who do! 😉 And, scrumptroulescent….a word I must add to my vocab pronto…love it. I need to see Madagascar 2. We loved the first movie and we are still prone to busting out singing "I like to move it, move it" randomly and unexpectedly. We too, are enjoying the awesome weather. I think Jiffy is the happiest. I had been a bit delinquent with her walks…she is so stoked!

  • Tiffany

    I’m SO loving this weather as well!!!! I LOVE to garden! I think I got that from my Gram! She always had a garden… up until this year when she moved out of her house. I’m glad the new haircut is working for Mia! Baylee wants me to cut her hair off to her chin. I’m just not too sure of it. I think it’s got too much curl in it and it would look funny. Plus, she wants bangs and that’s a no go because she has these fuzzy hairs that grow around her face. UGH! :) So, usually she wants a ponytail and we go. Hugs to you guys!Tiff

  • Bev

    Yessirree!! Nothing like good ole home grown ‘maters!! I could eat my weight in those things and that’s a LOT let me tell you. Oh, and I LOVE fried green tomatoes too! I am a true southerner!Have a great weekend, Toni!Bev

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