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What’s a girl gotta do around here to get a little time on the computer to reveal the intimate details of her family life to basically complete strangers?
There’s just been a lot going on. Lemme first tell about Cheyenne’s choir contest–the contest she entered with her best friend, the contest where she sang the lead in a duet about "Clouds". What about it? My daughter has a voice like a golden bell. Like a pretty little bird. When she sings, the world is still and wonderful.
I know that I’m biased, but really–she sounds like that. I know because on Valentine’s day, Caleb, myself, the little kids, my father-in-law and his best good friend, Miss Jeralyn, drove 40 minutes to hear that 30 second duet that I swear one day will win her critical acclaim in the musical world. We then drove 40 minutes back to the house and watched the video that Jeralyn secretly recorded of the singing while we feasted on shrimp and brie cheese.
I’ve eaten so much cheese in the past few days that I feel absolutely sick. American, parmesan, pepperjack, feta, and brie (which tastes soooo good when you stuff it it your mouth with green grapes). And last night, when Caleb made nachos with cheddar cheese and spicy jalepenos, even though my stomach was in knots, I ate more cheese. I tossed and turned all night long, thinking that if I threw up, my vomit would be so nasty and cheesy and thick that I would surely choke and die, thus being the first person ever in the history of the world to have "Death by Cheese" written on their headstone. But what a way to go, huh?
Had a great Valentine’s Day weekend. Got some flowers and chocolate from my husband. Got spoiled to death by my FIL and Jeralyn, so much so, that today, when I woke up, I wondered who was going to cook and clean because I sure as hell didn’t feel like doing it.

My grammy’s birthday was Friday; I told Mia about it and when she was floored by just how old my grammy was turning, I wowed her with the fact that my great grandma was almost 100 years old. Mia’s response? "Oh, my goodness! I bet she can go to summer camp every day!"

Perhaps I should explain that Mia is obsessed with going to summer camp and she can’t wait until she turns 8.
Perhaps I should also mention that when we went back to the dentist this past Friday, Mia had 4 MORE CAVITIES. What the hell? So, since she doesn’t drink much soda and she’s not big on juice and we don’t keep sweets in the house, we have to have our water (our well water) tested for flouride; then and only then will the dentist prescribe a supplement to maybe help prevent the rest of Mia’s teeth from rotting right out of her mouth.
Merrick has a head-doctor appointment tomorrow. I’d love to skip it, considering the man will charge me $600 for 3 seconds worth of feeling on my son’s head. But I dare not tempt fate. I’ll get up, get showered, dog-proof my house, align all the planets and make the trek into Oklahoma City so that we can have official word that Merrick’s skull is nice and round and open for another 3 months.
That is all.

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2 responses to “I Be Bloggin’

  • barnyardmama

    Good luck! Interesting about the water–never even occured to me that it might be related. Blogs are SO informative!

  • Joell

    Death by cheese…LMBO. I so love you. Jacob gets tickled now when he eats cheese, because he was eating some one day (a lot) and I said, "Boy, you are gonna be backed up for a week!" Because as we all know, cheese can block the old bowels. Anyhoo…he thinks of that now every time he eats cheese. And now, so will you. LOL.4 more cavities…dang.That boy’s nice round skull is worth every penny. Loved the bouncy place pics…Merrick is getting SO BIG!!!

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