I won’t even go into everything we’ve had going on this week. Just know that I’ve been busy; any other explanation would make for a plain boring read. Oh, who am I kidding? This entry is going to be nothing but boring. I’m just too exhausted to keep you people entertained.
I’ve started to really like Mia’s hair. It’s cute in a retro Ally Sheedy St. Elmo’s Fire kind of way. I actually love it when I think of it like that. She’s so spunky; the haircut really suits her. We signed her up for T-ball instead of soccer, mainly because I missed the deadline for soccer sign-ups but also because she’s into baseball and we figured she should get a chance to try out both sports…but mostly because I missed the deadline for soccer sign-ups.
Cheyenne has survived almost all of her concerts and contests. We still have one or 2 more–I have to consult the calender. And she’s gotten so tall all of a sudden. I would say she’s almost an inch taller than me, and she wears a whole shoe size bigger, so I’m pretty sure that means she’s got a little bit more growing to do. It makes me so sad to look at pictures from when she was 5, or 8, or even just from a year ago. I can’t believe that in a mere 3 months she’ll be 13. I have to stop thinking about that or I really will get sick.
Merrick is sleeping good, once he’s asleep. He’s definitely not one of those kids that’ll go down easily. He fights sleep tooth and nail. I rock him, I walk him, I even try breastfeeding him, but none of that really works anymore so I have to just lay him down and walk away, and that is so. Hard. And you know how those baby-field guides say that babies don’t really cry that long–it’s only like 15 minutes tops if you actually time it? That’s a croc of shit. Merrick will stand screaming in his crib for half an hour or more (usually a lot more) before he passes out from sheer exhaustion.
Caleb hurt the hell out of his back. It happens at least once a year, usually after he’s been getting the garden ready for spring and using the tiller for hours and hours on end. The one week where I could have really used his help with all that the kids have had going on, and he can’t even move without screaming in pain. I took his crippled butt to the doctor on Monday for some drugs, which sort of help, except that when he takes them he gets a little loopy–which should make going into work out of the question, but he went to the office today mainly because I think he can’t stand sitting around at home one more minute.
I must go. Goodbye computer people.

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3 responses to “Thursday

  • Tiffany

    Girl… we use to have to do that same thing with Baylee. About the age of 2 she decided she wanted nothing to do with just getting in her crib and going to sleep. She would scream. And, I mean SCREAM! It was awful. I’m surprised she never learned how to crawl out of it. Anyway… it will be okay and eventually he will get in the routine that you aren’t coming back to rescue him! They are smart little farts! Aren’t you loving this weather? I LOVE IT! And, I can’t wait to not worry about if it’s going to be warm or cool out!Hugs – Tiff

  • Joell

    Girl…HOW much do I love you?? You had me from "St. Elmo’s Fire"….LOL. "Gonna be a man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels…take me where my future’s lying, St. Elmo’s Fire…."Merrick won’t always scream for an hour before he passes out…hang in there. Jacob was JUST like that and now he just lays quietly in his bed for an hour before he drifts off…so there ya go! ;-)Hope Caleb’s back feels better…

  • Georgia

    Awww, I’m glad you’re liking Mia’s hair more and more! Oh, 15-minute crying spells…croc of shit for sure. Mine could easily scream for over an hour when they were babies. I’m glad Merrick is still sleeping good for you though! And I hear ya on Cheyenne groing up. I feel that way with my daughter and we’re 2 years behind you…ugh! Every now and then I get a glimpse of her "big-girl" side and it totally doesn’t set well with me. I’d prefer to keep my little bug-girl for a few more years, thankyouverymuch! Hope you have a great weekend!

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