Caleb and his neighborfriend are now running on the paved mini-hills of the abandoned half-finished golf course in the back of our neighborhood, which means so am I. And running is officially kicking my ass.
Wednesday my husband shows back up at home, slightly out of breath and beaming with pride at the fact that he made it all the way around the trail. He promptly sent me on my way, and I busted my hump in order to get through the same route in under 20 minutes so I wouldn’t look like a total sloth. I made it in 14–but it just about killed me. Caleb? Made it in the same time but didn’t even break a sweat. My plan to spank him at running is so far not working out.
Need. New. Music.
And maybe a running buddy. Cheyenne has a problem with sweating, and while Mia would love to come with me, I….just don’t think I could take being outrun by a 4-year-old.
On a high note, I’m having no trouble falling asleep at night. Caleb loves that I’m getting my He-Man legs back, but the attention they draw from other people skeeves me out sometimes. Everyone that knows me knows the story of the downtown night-shift gas station man who screamed at me in a convenience store full of onlookers "WHERE YOU GOIN’ WIT DEM BIG OLE LEEEEEGGGGSSS?!!!" Me: "Um, nowhere?" Awkward.
Today, or maybe tomorrow, or perhaps Sunday, we’re getting company in the form of Caleb’s brother Jason, his girl (and my hero) Sam, and their kids Wyatt and Joey. It’s been almost 2 years since we’ve seen all of them, and I’m looking foward to seeing how big the boys have gotten. (Don’t I sound like someone’s annoying great-aunt something when I say that?)
One last thing I feel compelled to mention before I go is the upcoming release of the Wolverine movie. I swear to God I’m going to tape the trailer and have it play over and over on its own golden TV next to my bed all day and all night long. I’ll die if I don’t see this movie on a big honkin’ movie theater screen and I’ll probably die if I do. Can anyone say "Hugh Jackman as Wolverine is the most beautiful most awesome most hot most I’m-going-to-rip-off-your-clothes-and-do-you man that our good God ever put upon the face of the earth ever"? I mean Holy Shit.
I need to tone down the mutant lust. My grandma reads this blog…
But she’d probably agree.

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  • Joell

    Hugh is HOT…no doubt. LMBO @ night-shift gas station man!!!! If we were neighborfriends, I would be your running buddy and easily build your ego because you would run circles around me….

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