Our company is here. With gusto.
This visit so far has been a whirlwind and we’ve barely left the house. The boys have been showing off their mad skateboarding/tree-climbing/hole-digging/baby-chasing skillz, and Sam and Jason have been doing what they do best–EVERYTHING.
Merrick LOVES Uncle Jason. He cries for him whenever he hears Uncle Jason’s voice. Merrick loves Uncle Jason better than me or even Caleb and it’s weird.
Those boys are hilarious. Cheyenne and Wyatt and Joey have been getting along well–a little too well, and they all gang up on me until I feel like grounding somebody.
Sam can bat right-handed. She can bat left-handed. She can bat one-handed, and backwards. She can fix a dead car. She knows how to use a sewing machine. She can leap tall buildings in a single bound and she can look like Pamela Anderson while she does it all–at the same time–blindfolded–with kidney stones. I love Sam. If she had a poster I would so buy it and put it above my bed.
Today Sam and Jason went shopping. Long story short, everyone now has a brand-new wardrobe for spring and summer. Caleb has a new grill. We have a month’s supply of dogfood and papertowels plus groceries to last through the week. Mia has all the t-ball paraphenalia that she’ll ever need. It’s insane. It’s unbelievable.
And I can’t really even think of anything else to say.

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2 responses to “Spoiled

  • Joell

    Sounds wonderful!! It’s good to have family like that! How will you ever survive once they are gone?? LOL

  • Tiffany

    Gosh, I had some catching up to do after being gone for almost 3 weeks. Good grief! :) Baylee has started T-Ball practice too. She’s super excited about it. They kept their team names simple… she’s on the Giants and she’s the only girl on the team! But, Daddy is the coach so all is well in her world!I cannot believe Merrick is walking. TOO CUTE! Blair isn’t even crawling yet and she will be 1 in a little more than a week. But, her belly gets in the way so it makes it hard to do! Slowly, but surely she will get there. She’s switched to regular milk as of this week and is fully on sippy cups. Even though she won’t hold them… she expects me to do all the work. It’s hilarious!Hugs – Tiff

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