So Far This Week

Long week everybody. In the last 3 days we’ve experienced just about every kind of weather possible. Sunny and warm and breezy, foggy and muggy, rainy and windy, haily and stormy, snowy and blizzardy, and finally, sunny and warm again. Oklahoma is insane. And our garden is shot–SHOT–all to hell.
The last of our company left this morning bright and early. Today Cheyenne and I are cleaning like nobody’s business and airing the funk out of our house (it’s not that our company stank; it’s just that when you have 9 people cooped up in one place and you can’t open windows due to FREEZING WIND, things tend to get stuffy inside.) Caleb’s working on repairing the electric dog fence and salvaging what’s left of our plants. Mia…is playing My Little Pony on the kitchen table and I’m pretty sure Merrick will be as fussy as he can since I have things to get done today.
Last night we had a school carnival. I cranked out some kick-ass posters (that I didn’t even know I was supposed to make until 3 nights ago) and volunteered to work the "Potty Toss" game in the Pre-K hallway.
Mia is a t-ball progedy and she is having the time of her life with it. We don’t have to force her to practice like we did with Cheyenne–the kid would play all day long if she could. Except for right now; she’s dragging a rolling carry-on suitcase around the house and singing a made-up song about taking a "fff-cation" at the beach in Pensacota City, California.
My mom and my sisters are on a mission to get us all down to Pensacola there sometime this summer for a visit. Caleb and I have had a limited amount of time to talk about it, but I’ve got my fingers crossed, and I hope–after he gets over the money we’ll be spending on car tires and alignment and dog shots and heartworm medication and Cheyenne’s glasses and Mia’s cavities and Merrick’s surgery bills–I hope he’ll see what a brilliant idea a Florida vacation is.
And now I’ve got to get off this computer before Merrick wakes up from his nap and decides to jack with my cleaning plans.

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3 responses to “So Far This Week

  • Bev

    Yeah – this weather has been really weird – even for Oklahoma!! I sure hope you all to to have the vacay to Pensacola this summer. It would probably do wonders for you all with all the stress you have been through this last year. I’ll say a little prayer for you that you get to go!!Hugs to you, my friend!Bev

  • Andrea

    Glad you guys are doing well. I hate the weather we had also. But as you know summer will be here soon. I hope you get to go to Fl. we are going in May. Take care and enjoy the kids while you can. They will be teen jerks before long.. I am living withe three teen boys. This is motivation to go to the gym or is that gin..

  • Tiffany

    O.M.G…. LOVE LOVE LOVE the booty picture! TOO CUTE! He’s getting SO stinking big! My goodness!!! That boy has some rolls that are SO CUTE! Blair has started army crawling in the past couple of days. It’s freaking hilarious, but weird to watch since her belly is so huge! I love how you had Mia’s hair pulled in a ponytail while helping Caleb! Hugs – Tiff

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