The new colors? Yeah, I got bored with the orange–for now. Chances are, I’ll probably switch back in a week.
Good news around here? We’re going ta Florida! Endish of June. June–that’s right. The Month of Toni. What.
God Bless Caleb’s Dad and his commercial airline pilot days. Hopefully we’ll be able to get a pretty good deal on some stand-by tickets. I could just pee my pants with excitement thinking about the beach and the smell of saltwater and fish and sunscreen…and the humidity and the jellyfish and the million-and-one people we’ll have to visit with while we’re down there. I love it all, truly–I do so love it all.
More good news? Caleb’s got a business plan that’s beyond brilliant. I can’t go into too much detail 1) because I don’t want to jinx it and 2) because I don’t fully understand it, but let’s just say I’m proud of my husband and his ambition and his financial smarts. I know that if anyone can make it work, Caleb can. My husband fucking rocks, and if you don’t know, you better ask somebody. (First, imagine me being way cool. Then, imagine me saying that in a very non-white-girl kind-of way.)
Really cool but old news? Caleb and his neighbor/friend/running parter found a ton of morel mushrooms in the woods. They found tons. Tons, I tell you. And we ate them–all–within one night. I’m to understand that if a person were to buy them, they would be very very expensive. And I know why–they were oh-so-delicious.
Mia has yet to have a t-ball game. We keep getting rained or winded out.
Merrick looks abused. He’s always ramming his head into something hard. He walks–if not runs–everywhere he goes, just like a real person. I. Cannot. Keep up.
Cheyenne is Cheyenne–sulky and anti-social, pretty much all the time. Apparently she’s very excited about our trip to Florida this summer, which is weird since she claims to HATE THE SUN AND ALL IT SHINES UPON.
A funny thing? When Mia plays with her dollhouse she goes all Extreme MakeOver Home Edition: "GOOD MORNING DOLLHOUSE FAMILY! ARE YOU READY TO GO TO DISNEY WORLD?"  And then the wooden-yarn thing that is Ty Pennington proceeds to "wreck" the dollhouse and completely rebuild it, and when the family comes back they’re all "Oh, my goodness, this is amazing, thank you, Ty!" And so on and so forth.
Love it.

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2 responses to “RECENTLY

  • barnyardmama

    I like the yellow! You’ve been orange for like years now.Very excited to hear about Caleb’s business plan–I’m in that frame of mine myself and really feeling the "making it happen" vibe. I wish I could get excited about your mushrooms, but I’m pretty lukewarm on the whole fungi thing–that is an improvement, though; I used to just hate them.Charlie and Merrick seems to mimic each other despite Charlie’s obvious impairements. Today alone he rolled off the bed, off the couch , and found a pair of scissors and began banging them around. Seriously. . . I feel like I’m living with Evil Keneval. The weirdest part is that he’s developed a technique for rolling off the couch where he literally rolls to the floor and is absolutely fine when he gets there. I know you’ll have a blast in Florida. I don’t know how to go as long as you do without going "home." I’d have withdrawal pangs.

  • Tiffany

    LOVE the yellow! I can’t wait to hear about Caleb’s business plan! Sounds exciting! The kids are so cute… thanks for sharing the new pics. That little Merrick is so stinking cute! And, Mia looks sassy just like Baylee! :) Cheyenne… she’s just at that age. Just like my friend Brandy’s daughter!Big Hugs – Tiff

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