For the Record

Onto more better things. I wanted to start a little running journal here on my page. And so I will. I am trying to run a mile and a half 3 times a week. We’ve been walking over to the abandoned golf-course and running along that torturous winding path, with all the mini-hills that one would think wouldn’t be such a big deal–BUT THEY ARE. It’s those little hills that kill me. I’m nowhere near keeping up with my husband and his neighbor/friend/running parter, Billy, who encouraged me last week by saying something like, "Well, we might be running faster but we also haven’t given birth to 3 kids." And I felt good for about 2 seconds, until I reminded myself that lots of mommies run marathons and take aerobics classes and weight-train and pilates and yoga and treadmill and all kinds of stuff, and that surely I should be able to run a measly mile in well under 10 minutes. But I’m getting better. I will go ahead and post my times from the beginning. Please note that in the beginning, we hadn’t measured out the exact distance; as it turns out, we weren’t running a full mile and a half. So we upped it, and now my time has gone up as well…but I’m getting a handle on it again. My goal? To make that front nine my bitch in no more than 11 minutes and 30 seconds, by, say….the end of the summer? We’ll see. I may have to reevaluate that goal.

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