The Last Day of April

T-minus 1 day before the Wolverine movie comes out. I’m sure it will be packed. If I could clone myself 250 times, I would take myselves to that movie and fill up the theater with myselves for 2 hours of quality alone time with a 90-foot-tall dirty mutton-chopped mutant Hugh Jackman.
I’m over the pneumonia. I’m still feeling a little fatigued but it’s nothing I can’t handle. I’ve put off doing any running–or any real kind of exercise–until at least next week. The last thing I want is to get sick again just in time for May, which is otherwise known as the busiest month of the year. I might need to buy Yellow Jackets in bulk just to get through the next 4 weeks.
My one idea for Merrick’s upcoming 1st birthday party is to have a piddly little cookout and a piddly little cake one afternoon. Yea! Nobody even ask about my plans for Cheyenne’s birthday. I got nothin.

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One response to “The Last Day of April

  • Tiffany

    That will be fun for Merrick’s party! I had Blair’s planned for last Sunday and then we were at Children’s so had to cancel it. Even had the invites mailed out! Poor girl… I need to get with it and get it rescheduled before she turns 2! :)

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