Obligatory Post about May 14th

My little Merrick, my sweet, little, precious baby angel who was once pink and tiny and helpless and messed up in the skull, is today, officially, 1 year old. I’m having a little trouble believing it; the last 12 months have absolutely flown by. Flown by, I tell you. When I look at him now, all I see is big boy. He’s walking–running, even–and blabbering and he likes to have things his own way when he wants them. He has a sense of humor and he tries to make me laugh. He’s sweet and loveable and loveable and sweet. He might be a big man at 1 year old, but I could still just eat him up.

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4 responses to “Obligatory Post about May 14th

  • Joell

    Aww, so sweet. Happy Birthday, Merrick! Keep making your mama laugh!

  • miranda

    Gosh he’s cute. He looksl ike the sweetest little boy I’ve ever seen. Happy Birthday, Merrick!

  • MrsVladdevlor

    Happy Birthday Merrick!!! He’s a gorgeous boy.. He’s only 2 weeks younger than my daughter, so it’s been fascinating to see him grow and overcome some pretty serious challenges!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful photos too!

  • Bev

    Toni – so sorry I missed Merrick’s birthday. I hope it was a great one! He is such a cutie. You have every right to be proud of him (and your girls too!).Hugs to you!

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