I Have No Time

And I don’t even know why I’m on the computer right now. Tomorrow is Cheyenne’s birthday and I have the fabulous idea of buying some fancy pastries and having a birthday breakfast. It’s the only thing I think she’ll actually go for–Miss Maturity does not want a "party" with cake and streamers…too babyish, perhaps? Fine. Whatever.
Mia gets mad whenever I forget to call her Peter Pan.
Merrick gets mad whenever I don’t pick him up. Or whenever I won’t put him down. Either way, he’s not happy.
Caleb almost poisoned himself with bug killer over the weekend. That was interesting.
And that’s about all the cool stuff that’s been going on.

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One response to “I Have No Time

  • miranda

    How was Cheyenne’s birthday??Sorry I haven’t been around much, or posting on my blog. Silly life keeps getting in my way. :)

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