I’m Going to Rip My Hair Out.

July 22, 2009.
A little over 3 weeks until Mia’s birthday. She wants a ball. And damnit, I’m going to give it to her. Granted, she’d probably be happy with any kind of party. But I figure this will be the last year "a ball" will be cool–once she hits first grade, everyone who’s anyone knows that balls are for babies.
Coincidentally, the first day of school falls on Mia’s birthday this year. The next 3 weeks just got a lot more hairy.
I still haven’t made good on my vow to get that ETSY site going. I just haven’t found the time to sit down, dig deep, and really work on it. I’ve pretty much decided to go with "Inkery" as a name; I’m just to weird to settle on anything else. Just one more thing to add to my "to do" list.
Taking the dogs to the vet tomorrow for the first time in ages. Good times guaranteed–for Big Gay Al, the veterinarian, who will be able to buy a bigger boat after our visit.
Cheyenne’s summer fun and relaxation will come to a screeching hault next week when band camps starts.
Mia is bored to tears.
Merrick naps like shit these days.
Caleb is traveling once again.
And I’m tired.

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2 responses to “I’m Going to Rip My Hair Out.

  • ♥ Aimee

    i am tired too…but i could only imagine having 4 kids…i would be way tired-er…if that even is a word…i watch my best friend all the time…she has 4…she is insane…i think i might stick with one…but still we should take a vacation…~*:.♥.:*~ because you shared a smile :o) someone’s day got brighter… ~*:.♥.:*~

  • Bev

    I think a "ball" sounds like loads of fun. Last year that is kind of what our granddaughter did. She had a wonderful time, so I bet Mia will too. Isn’t it amazing how fast this summer has zoomed by?? It’s just crazy! Hang in there on the ETSY thing. You’ll get it done!

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