Finally Friday

September 25th. Homecoming Day. Big parade in which kindergarteners partake. Floats involving hay and spray-painted crunched-up newspaper. I made posters with crayon. Never again, although they did turn out damn good if I do say so myself.
Cheyenne will be in the parade as well. Marching band. Flute. So proud.
Cheyenne has also discovered boys. And texting. And texting boys.
Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans seem to have more caffeine in them than 12 cups of coffee. Note to self: Don’t pop these suckers like candy right before bedtime.
Mia asked if she could get out my big honkin’ bible and take a little look at it. Of course, I proudly said yes, only to discover that she just wanted to pretend she was reading "The Never-Ending Story".
Boys II Men are doing a little East Coast swing at the Oklahoma State Fair tonight. Should be pretty bumpin’, but we’ll be checking out the hometown football action, so Motownphilly’s a no-go.
The firemen were at Walmart again today. Only this time, they scattered their hotness throughout the store rather than patrolling the fruits and veggies in one large beautiful group. Me? Coincidentally, I had on the same mommy jeans I had on the last time I encountered firemen. I did change it up today, though, and topped off my ensemble with a dowdy red cardigan from JCPenney. No make up. And I think I forgot to brush my teeth. But at least I didn’t drool all over myself.
That is all.

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2 responses to “Finally Friday

  • barnyardmama

    Texting boys? Ugh. Why do they have to grow up?Posters look awesome.So sad that you’re missing Boys II Men–that just brings back the memories, doesn’t it?

  • Tiffany

    My best friends daughter texts’ boys all the time. They go out and break up through a text. It’s crazy! Ugh… the Wal-mart firemen… why in the hell do they have to do that to our hearts? :) Posters look amazing… I bet they were so proud to have you do that! Please tell me that you received a thank you at least? Hugs – Tiff

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