Got No Clue What the Chicken Pot Pie Is Made Of…

Saturday Caleb and I are going away.
Without the kids.
At night.
By ourselves. Alone.
After 4 years of living here, we finally scored an invitation to the annual neighborhood Halloween party. Down the street. Did I mention we won’t be taking the kids?
Costumes are required to attend this party–and the costumes have to fit certain criteria: Superheros, Villians, and Cartoon Characters are the suggested themes. Caleb, the kids, and I have been tossing around ideas all week. My favorite suggestions were ones that by no means had anything to do with anything: The Lunch Lady and a Sloppy Joe (I hadn’t thought this one out: where would we find a Sloppy Joe costume?) or Phineas and Ferb (we lack triangular heads).
Cheyenne rooted for the Hannah Montana/Jonas Brother combo. But I think her motivation lay in that she really wanted to see Caleb wear black "guyliner" and skinny jeans as Joe Jonas.
Caleb tried to convince me that a Star Wars get-up was the way to go. Although I resisted, I felt flattered that he actually envisioned me looking good as Princess Leia…until I realized he fully intended to be the Jedi Knight to my Storm Trooper.
And, on a side note, costumes marketed towards females over the age of 10 come in 2 catergories: slightly trashy or downright slutty. And I? Am not all about showing off my private parts in public places…at least, not anymore…
We were just about to settle on Britney and K-Fed (yawn…besides, my Britney impersonation days are waaay over–I got rid of the red pleather a long time ago…or did I? ) when Mia, ever the Nick Jr. fan, suggested a costume so obvious and so easy (read: cheap) that we just couldn’t resist…
And so today, in preparation, I secured pieces of what some might consider the World’s Most Appropriate Costume. Orange shorts, pink tee, purple backpack, and cropped black wig? Check. Caleb has yet to buy a khaki vest and a rescue pack. Any guesses as to who we will be? I don’t expect people without small children to have a clue.
I still think I would’ve made a great Sloppy Joe.

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