Happy Halloween

Halloween. Saturday. Candy. Love it. Caleb and I are candy crime-lords–we send kids out into the streets to get candy and then we collect a hefty cut of it.
It is nature’s way.
Though, now that I think about it, if Caleb and I donned our Dora and Diego costumes one more time, I’m pretty sure we’d get a stupid amount of candy all by our grown-up selves.
We will be one candy-collecting kid short this year. Cheyenne is out with what appears to be the dreaded H1N1. She’s not feeling completely miserable but I’m still keeping her quarantined in her room until her fever goes down and stays down. So far the other children don’t seem to exhibit any symptoms, and thank God for that. I took them to get their vaccines last Thursday so if they can hold out for another week or so, maybe we’ll be okay around here.
And the flu can just suck it.

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2 responses to “Happy Halloween

  • barnyardmama

    Love that little pumpkin.Sucks about the H1N1–maybe I should wear a mask when passing out candy this year?!?!

  • Joell

    Love the pumpkins! The little has an alien-ish quality about it that I find quite mesmerizing. We also enjoyed our Halloween. Have also stolen all the Twix from both kids’ stashes. It’s good to be the Mom who holds the power over the candy. Muahahahahaha!

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