I’m stoked about Thanksgiving, and not because I particularly love turkey or football or shopping extravaganzas, but because it’s a great kick-off to the Christmas season, which by the way, is my most favorite time of year. I’m thankful for Christmas.
Caleb has already promised to do some tree-chopping on Friday. And like any good wife would do, I went ahead and rearranged the living room to accomodate the big honkin’ pine I hope to be putting right smack dab in the middle of the room. I love Christmas. I love Rudolph and Frosty and ELF. I love lights, and hot chocolate, and Nativity scenes. But mostly I love that Christmas high that lasts all December long. Oh, sure, you come crashing down–hard–the day after New Year’s Day, but man…
I freakin’ love Christmas.
And you know what? I’m liking church a lot, too–so much so that Caleb and I had the little ones dedicated this last Sunday. To have your baby dedicated means something along the lines of committing to bring them up in the Christian faith, asking for a blessing from God and asking for prayers from the people in the church–it’s no Catholic Baptism, but it was very special and it felt like the right thing to do. I was a little sad not having any family there, but as I looked out into the church I could see faces of people we knew, or who knew Mia and Merrick, all of them just beaming–and that was a wonderful feeling. And now, I’m going to say it: my first cheesy church phrase since…I can’t remember when. Here goes: We are so blessed.
Happy Thanksgiving, people.
I freakin’ love Christmas.
(This is our tree from last year.)

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  • barnyardmama

    I like Christmas more now that I don’t have to drive a gazillion miles to see my family. I’ve always been more into other holiday, though–I hate gift pressure.I think having the kids dedicated is wonderful. A good church is wonderful too–congrats on finding one.

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