Got Bible?

I was sitting bibleless at church today, and a sweet lady gave me her bible. Straight-up gave it to me. Just handed it over. I did not have to say "Woman, gimme dat bible!" No. She took my hands and stuck a bible in them.
And so, all afternoon, I have been petting that bible. It is so choice–it is brown and it has silver snap buttons with Cross shapes on them and it has a soft inside cover. The pages turn easily and there’s even writing written next to all the important verses.
I cried.
Today we officially joined the church. To do this, one must walk very far–far away from the safety of a pew and the pile of kids’ jackets you sit beside–all the way to the blaring spotlight at the front of the church. One must then talk to the actual preacher who has a nifty–and I do mean nifty–microphone. Really, this thing looked like something from Star Trek. Seriously, it was just like this little, skinny clear wire running between his ear and his chin. I thought about touching it but decided against it, as it might be frowned upon in certain church circles. And finally, the process is complete when one shakes the hand of each and every member of the church after the service.
And then we went home and took baths in hand sanitizer.
Just kidding. There was no blaring spotlight at the front of the church.
We were already flying high on the ride home, but when we walked into the house and discovered 3 quiet dogs and 1 intact Christmas tree, the day really took off. And when I saw a commercial for the sequel to The Chipmunk Movie (featuring The Chipettes, people!)–well, it was then that I knew God was truly smiling down upon us.
In all seriousness, I’m very happy with our decision and I feel that our family is right where it needs to be. I have a beyond awesome brown bible that I can read at will, my family is now in a church where we can grow and learn and serve (cough cough SAP! cough!), and there is a recording of "All The Single Ladies" in Chipmunk. All is right with the world.

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