The First Week of the Best Month of the Year

It’s cold. And I, for one, am tired of paying $12 a pop for Babylegs. What to do, what to do? Buy clearance socks and chop them off at the ankles, like so:
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around my house:
Just add butter–MY ASS.
And here was my view at The Lighting of the Lights Ceremony that took place in our little town a week ago. Actually, it wasn’t really my view. It was the view from my camera as I stood on my tippytoes and held up my camera as high as I could reach, like my own personal periscope, if you will. It did not have the effect I had hoped for:
Time spent waiting in front row seats for the Kindergarten to sing “Must Be Santa”? 2 hours. Time lapse between me deciding to walk a screaming Merrick around for a bit and the kindergarteners actually starting their show? 2 minutes. I couldn’t have cut my way back through that crowd with a chainsaw.

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