The Sixteenth Day of The Best Month of the Year

I do so love December.
Our lights are up, our cards are sent out, and our tree is still standing. I’ve effectively burnt several batches of cookies in the defective oven we must’ve gotten from the Defective Oven Store. I’ve been to a band Christmas concert, a Choir Christmas concert, and 2 birthday parties. I’ve also taken my kids to the doctor’s office 3 more times since my last blog. I think I ought to be pulling a salary from them at this point.
Caleb and I celebrated our 5th anniversary last weekend with a brand new TV (my husband, the bargain shopper, picked up a 42-inch flat screen at Best Buy on the cheapy-cheap) and a Parent’s Night Out, courtesy of our church. It was tempting to spend the evening coming back to the house and watching something other than Finding Nemo on the new tv, but instead we went out to dinner. I am to understand that’s what normal couples do on special occasions.
And I’m not completely new to this whole church thing, but it has been awhile. Though I clearly remember guidelines such as "Don’t cuss" (yes, it’s been tough) and "Lay off the booze", there are some rules I’m not so sure I was ever aware of.
For instance, did you know there is a way to thank God and praise Him at the same time? I know. I was just as shocked as you are. Here’s me all this time: "Dear God. Thank you for giving me the tools with which to make myself awesome. O the cleverness of me." Sounds good, right? WRONG. So how about "Dear God. Thank you for making me so awesome," or even "Thank you for channeling your awesomeness through me"? No.  Here’s what I should have been saying: "Dear God. Thank you for being so awesome." And then God, sitting on his fluffy cloud, says "Ah, yes. O, the cleverness of me. A couple more prayers like that, and you get a cookie."
That last part may or may not be in the actual Bible. Maybe I should check.
And I probably should work on my humility.
(Our tree this year.)

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