White-Out Christmas

Merry Christmas Eve Day people!
It’s icing/snowing/blizzarding at my house.
The power keeps going off–which is bad because without electricity, our toilets won’t flush. And we desperately need them to flush.
Caleb and I (mostly I) are sick–sick beyond description. Yay for stomach viruses!
I managed to make a few unburnt batches of cookies, but I threw them away because I think they gave me salmonella. Or ebola, one of the two.
There are so many presents under our tree, it’s embarrassing.
Caleb’s sister is visiting so the kids are somewhat entertained.
Overall, I’d say it’s a very cozy, very interesting Christmas so far.
I could sure go for some Christmas Eve pasta and seafood at my Grammy’s house, maybe do a little St. Anne’s Christmas lights, and just generally enjoy the company of family and friends in temperatures that weren’t so obscenely cold–but then I’d be missing out on this beautiful white Christmas here in Oklahoma. I miss you all and I love you. Merry Christmas!

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