I Love My Kids. I Love My Kids.

This morning Merrick screamed for an hour. Of course, it had to be the hour just before I had set my alarm clock to go off anyway. I went to his room every 10 minutes or so just to make sure he wasn’t sick or hurt or possessed by a demon spirit. Finally, at 6:15, he stood up in his crib and said to me, "Come on, Mom. What’s one hour of sleep in the grand scheme of things?"

Oh, come on, people. It’s not like I’m going to print this picture out and throw darts at it or anything…


Overall, Merrick’s a sweet kid. I can overlook the occasional exorcist-style throwdown. Mia, however, has become a little drama queen 24/7. Observe her most recent major dilema:

"Mom, Jaidynn doesn’t believe that I can play the violin."

"Mia, you can’t play the violin."

"Yes I can! See? Look how focused I am!" (closes her eyes, sticks out her tongue, and plays her air-violin.)

"Mia, sweetie, to be able to play the violin, you have to actually have a real violin. In your hands."

(insert exasperated sigh) "Mo-ommm. I know that. You just don’t understand."

"Well, I’m sorry, but you can’t go around telling people that you can play the violin when you can’t, not for real anyways."

(with sassiness) "Well, I can tell people that I can play the guitar!"

"You can tell people you have a guitar."

"I’ll go get it right now! You’ll see!" (Runs and gets guitar. Strums away like she knows what she’s doing. Dogs whine.)

"That was beautiful. Maybe we can find a place for you to take guitar lessons."

"I don’t need lessons. I can play it already. Didn’t you just hear me?"

"I give up."

"Don’t give up, Mom. It just takes practice. If you practice everyday, you’ll be as good as me."


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