My Glory Day in the Hot Sun

What up, chums? I’m having a little bit of a cow right now, and for good reason. I’ve been given the opportunity to stick some of my paintings in a store–and not just any store, but in a funky art boutique…complete with tie-dye onesies and weird recycled everything, and bright-colored paintings on bright-colored walls…so it is a very good cow that I’m having.
And though Caleb cannot possibly share in my level of excitement due to his extreme need to be realistic and practical and all that crap, my kids are over the moon. I got them all shiny-clean in the bathtub this morning, and as soon as I can manage to get my head together, we’ll all be off to deliver my paintings.
Merrick must be exceptionally happy for me. He applied Mia’s blue eye-shadow all over his face just for the occasion.
Mia congratulated me with a hug and then asked, “So, can I tell people you’re an artist now?” To which I said, “Yes, I guess you can,” to which she breathed a heavy sigh of relief and said “Thank goodness, because you don’t know what it’s like to have a mom who’s not anything.”
Moving on.
Even Cheyenne showed signs of life when I told her the good news: “So how much money do you think you’ll make? Do you think you can afford, like, a new car payment or something?” I think the fear of being caught dead in my duct-taped ghetto-mobile is keeping her awake at night.
And so, I will get dressed, maybe even comb my hair, get the car loaded, and head out. Wish me luck!

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