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This week, someone cared enough to let me know that my last 3 blog entries started with me discussing my bible study.  And I while I really do respect this woman’s opinion, especially when it comes to writing, I think I’ll stick to blogging about whatever happens to be on my mind. I’ve covered dog hair and gross carpets and poopy diapers, kids who lick walls, kids who lay down on the ground to drink the water out of puddles, dogs who eat q-tips and wicker baskets, pregnancy and weight loss and weight gain and weight loss and weight gain again, screaming babies and annoying husbands, the fine art of tent-building, how much I love cherry coke and Giada, how much I fear zombies, aliens, tornadoes, and Zardoz, how much I hate PTA ladies, how much I actually like PTA ladies once I get to know them, t-ball, soccer, summer camp, bullies, bipolar disorder, panic attacks, depression, anxiety, sweet husbands, preteen angst, and now? I think I’ll write about doing a bible study, thankyouverymuch.
Except for today, because today it’s dreary and slushy and gray. The public school system in these parts attempted to actually open the schools–but lo, the power went off in the middle school, so paranoid, over-protective me decided to check out not one, but both of my kids…plus the neighbor’s kid. And now we’re all cooped up yet again, watching big chunks of ice slide off the roof while we read library books and play "learning" games. Good times, good times.
Tragically, the Christmas Wii IS. NOT. WORKING. I’ve checked the plugs and wires–everything appears to be in order, so I don’t know what’s going on. I’ve realized just today that we’ve all become some serious Wii addicts.
The dogs are just about sick of the snow and ice. Noah whines all day long–just whines, whines whines–for no reason. I think he’s bored and he’s playing "Boiling Point" with me. I can see it now: "How long will it take for mom to throw the dog through the window? 1 minute? 15?"
I hope everyone is having a nice warm February so far, even if you are cooped up inside your house. I’m off to play Tigers In Love for the thousandth time this week. Tomorrow I promise to fulfill a tag: 10 Things That Make Me Happy. Or something like that. It’ll be upbeat–not slushy and gray. Woohoo!

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  • Joell

    Oh the HORROR of the non-working Christmas Wii! Oh the humanity!!! (from one Wii addict to another)What is Tigers In Love, or did I miss that in another entry?Write about your Bible study all you want. Write about belly button lint, I don’t care. I just love whatever it is. :-) It is YOUR blog, after all. Duh.

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