An Update

First things first, I’m sick. The horrible kind of sick–I can’t even keep my coffee down today. What the french, toast?
Had a parent-teacher conference this morning that I was almost late for. Merrick actually slept in today so my idea of using his 6:00 a.m. screaming session as my own personal alarm clock didn’t work. I talked to Mia’s teacher for less than 5 minutes, then I dashed home and threw up, and now I am typing this blog to distract myself from throwing up again.
I’m currently working on calligraphying my little sister’s wedding invitations–well, the envelopes anyway. As soon as I’m sure I won’t vomit all over the stationary, I’ll get back at it. 50 down, 150 more to go.
Valentine’s Day weekend was great. Helped out at the kindergarten party (probably where I picked up my killer virus), cuddled babies at the church nursery while a Valentine’s Banquet raged in the fellowship hall. On Saturday, our neighbor Shawna–God Bless Miss Shawna; without her, Caleb and I would never have any fun–came over and helped Cheyenne babysit the kids while Caleb and I went to a movie–an actual movie, alone. It had been a while since either of us had been out past 7:00 p.m., so we did not anticipate the insanely long lines at the ticket booth, but overall the date-night experience was wonderful. No stumbling over peoples’ knees in  the dark on our 8th potty break, no going up to the candy counter with an empty popcorn bucket and an apologetic smile, and best of all, no walking a cranky, NOISY toddler up and down the empty, boring halls of the movie theater, while you miss well over half of the movie you paid $8.50 to see.
I knew Caleb didn’t want to sit through "Valentine’s Day" and I really wasn’t interested in "Avatar", so we compromised and saw "The Blind Side". Afterwards we cruised the streets looking for homeless children. When we couldn’t find any on the interstate, we stopped at Walmart and bought Valentine’s day candy and presents for the children we do have. People, I ask you: What do you think costs more, a complete outfit for a 5-year-old girl, or clubbing ensemble for Barbie? If you answered the little girl’s outfit, you would be dead wrong. Mia-sized outfit: $5.00. Hooker clothes for Barbie: $5.96. And speaking of Hooker Barbies:
Is it wrong to think these are kind of cool?

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