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Today, the bible study that I’m in had the freaking nerve to suggest that my home wasn’t organized enough. And you know what? It would be right. So, today, in an effort to declutter and maximize efficiency, I decided to take some good advice and clean out 1 kitchen drawer.
Okay, I mostly did it because I didn’t want to leave my house because I didn’t want to drive down the street because I didn’t want the little floral-print-housecoat lady to see my car and be reminded of yesterday’s house-fire fiasco and laugh hysterically to herself about her flame-retardant idiot neighbor.
I started with one drawer, a junk drawer–one out of 4 junk drawers that we have in our kitchen–I kid you not–and in less than 5 minutes I had it all cleaned out. I organized as I put it all back in, but lo, it would not all fit. And so I had to move on to drawer #2, and clean out that drawer so I could fit stuff from drawer #1 somewhere. I need not explain further. By the time Cheyenne walked in the door after school, the entire house was in shambles, because 1) I went from drawer to drawer, from cabinet to cabinet, from kitchen to pantry to laundry room, giving each area a thorough cleaning, and 2) While I was busy giving my entire organizational system a complete overhaul, Merrick was trashing the place.
So not only did I have to re-organize my kitchen junk drawers/laundry cabinets/pantry shelves, I had to squeeze my stubby man hands under the couch to collect 96 crayons, 24 checkers, a handful of tiny plastic animals and one all-important Lightning McQueen. Did I mention how much Merrick delights in just throwing crap everywhere these days?
And guess what? I still have an entire kitchen counter full of stuff that won’t fit anywhere! But my drawers? I’m thinking about taking a picture of them and sending it to Martha Stewart Living.
Back to the stuff that won’t fit: I have on my kitchen counter a long stretchy purple latex band–I can only assume it is used for some sort of activity involving physical exercise, a gigantic atlas of the United States–handy when I want to know where the nearest Walmart is, enough wires and chargers to power an entire country, and an envelope containing Mia’s first haircut. Am I the only one who thinks it’s creepy to keep hair?
I’ve found 3 packets of corn seeds, boxes upon boxes of old checks, and a bunch of crumpled childrens’ paintings. And you know how you can never, ever find a pen when you need one? Well, a while back, Caleb got real tired of being in that situation, and he vowed to never go without a pen again. I counted 88 pens–most of them brand new. I also discovered that we do, in fact, have every size battery known to man. Yay! Now we can activate those noisy Christmas toys–tomorrow, after I clean up the mess I made cleaning my house! Thank you, Bible Study Organizational Lady!

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  • barnyardmama

    I let my MIL keep Charlie’s hair b/c that kind of wigs me out too. You need to get the book Simple Steps–all about organizing one drawer at a time and not tackling it all in one afternoon.


    Toni, I have always thought of myself as the queen of organizing. At Derrel’s house I dumped out drawers, cleaned out and refolded linen closets, and went through the clothes ( that’s the only thing in his closet he allowed me to do) in his closet in no time. I had no trouble discarding anything. Once in a great while I would ask if he really needed 24 pens, 5 can openers, 20 hard plastic coffee mugs or 17 ceramic mugs etc etc. Now when it came to my own house, it was a different story! I don’t have any problem organizing the linen closets or discarding old, faded, "holey" towels, but when it comes to more personal things I am diaster. AS I type my bedroom has a small pathway to the bath and to my side of the bed. When derrel arrives tonight he’ll have to follow that path to my side in order to get to his side of the bed. My thinking was that I could go thru all the clothes more systematically if I took everything out, then cleaned the walls and floor etc…..well the walls, shelves and floor have been cleaned, but 90% of the clothes are still on the bedroom floor. It’s so much easy to organize and clean out someone else’s junk. The moral of the story. I’ll do yours and you can do mine. I do think there is something to be said about doing one drawer at a time. The whole chore is tooo over whelming. And as far as your sickness goes, I am glad you are getting to the doctor. DO you think you could be pregnant? It’s hard work taking care of three children, managing the house and three dogs. You are doing a great job. Now you need to get yourself back on track…leave the rest of the organizing for me to do. When everything gets to overwhelming ,I would like you to watch and listen to this email I will send you. Love, Jeralyn

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