Wow Guys.

Who’d have thought putting the words "horrible", "stomache" and "ache" together would’ve rowled up so many people? Not me. But this morning I woke up to 6 e-mails, 3 facebook messages, and 1 voicemail–all of them helpful and supportive, many of them diagnosing me with anything from IBS to cancer. You guys have been googling. Nice.
I’m kidding. I really, really appreciate the insight and advice from your personal stories. And I’ve got a doctor’s appointment with my family doctor on Monday, plus another appointment with an ob/gyn on Friday. I feel better already.
And seriously? I was led to believe that barely anyone really read this blog. I started it for my mom and a few of my friends way back in ancient times (2006). How come you people never comment? I was under the impression that I was a loser.
It’s nice to get feedback. But I’m probably not dying. Cheyenne and I have this theory: God takes you when you are at your most awesome. Some people are awesome at 16. Some people reach their peak of awesomeness at 45. Others take 100 years to get their awesome on. Me? I’m not there yet. Oh, I am awesome, to be sure, but I have a ways to go before…I go. This is why I do so enjoy a birthday. Why dread getting older? You just get cooler and smarter and more hilarious with every passing year. And then, when you’re so awesome you’re just about to explode, God says, "Alright. Come on."
Note: This is only a theory. You don’t have to write it down. I am by no means an expert on God and dying. But I do know a thing or two about being awesome. And since you’re reading this blog, chances are that you do, too.

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