I Got Nothin’.

So. Good news. My CT scan results were 100,000 % normal. Which I knew they would be. I was pretty sure I didn’t have cancer–I’m not even bald.
Bad news? I don’t know what in the world is causing my stomach aches. Scratch that–actually, I have a sinking feeling that in my old age of 29, my stomach has lost its cast-iron coating, and I’m going to have to give up…coffee. I don’t know how that’s better than having cancer.
That was a joke.
It’s been raining here, like crazy, and that can only mean one thing: Spring! Well, it’s on its way, anyways. And when it comes, we’ll be outside everyday. We’ll go for walks and runs and we’ll practice t-ball out in the yard and we’ll give the dogs a much-needed bath with the garden hose. We’ll plant flowers and we’ll buy a new lawn mower and we’ll grill chicken and we’ll sit on our back porch at night and stare at the stars instead of watching stupid man shows like CSI: Miami. We’ll lose weight and plan out our Florida trip and we’ll stop obsessing over non-existant tumors. And it will be so nice and sunny and warm outside that we won’t even need to drink coffee.
I feel better already.

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2 responses to “I Got Nothin’.

  • Hilary

    I had the same problem and so did my mom and it turned out to be acid reflux (which can feel more like stomach irritation or digestion problems). Prevacid’s cheap, you could always try it over the counter and see if it helps. I’ve been on acid medicine for three months and I’ve had zero stomach issues (and I use to have lots of pain, cramping, diarrhea, etc). Just a thought (and sorry for the TMI)!

  • Hilary

    Oh. And I gave up coffee. It was horrible. Seriously. I miss it so much. I drink herbal tea by the box now. :D

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