So Stinkin’ Cute.

Here’s Mia: "Mom, I just know today is going to be a good day. I have a new haircut, a new backpack, and (lowering voice dramatically) a loose tooth!"
Don’t you just love that optimism? I don’t know that I could handle a room full of 5 year olds for 8 hours a day, but man. When you need a pick-me-up, talk to a kindergartener. Of course, this is the same little girl who, when she was 3, advised me to "carry around a piece of the sun in my heart, and when you’re sad, take it out and wear it as a smile on your face."
Holy schnikes I love my kids.
Mia and her team, The Crushers, won their very first t-ball game last night. I was so proud to see how much they have improved since last year. They run faster. They throw farther and they aim straighter. They are somewhat aware of what they need to be doing and when they need to be doing it. They had a great time, and lemme tell ya: nothing gets your blood boiling like watching some t-ball. I love it. I kind of wish I could play. Anybody want to start up an adult t-ball league with me?
We are in the process of packing for our Florida trip. It’s a major undertaking and I can’t believe I just started this afternoon. We hope to leave tomorrow evening. Sleep? Naw. We’d rather drive all night while the hyperactive toddler is passed out in his carseat for the majority of the 14-hour trip, thankyouverymuch.
After doing some serious grovelling last weekend, Cheyenne offered to re-bury our electric dog wire in exchange for going to a sleepover. We took her up on it, and for the past 2 days that girl has worked harder than I’ve ever seen her work in her life. She was so cute, out there in the yard with her wee little working gloves and shovel. I was actually pretty impressed that she finished the entire task in one weekend, with minimal whining. She got a nice tan out of it, too.
I hear thunder and the air is feeling funky. Since it’s officially spring I’ve been a little paranoid–you know, staying up all night, obsessing over the weather, looking for ominous tornado clouds and crying myself to sleep if it so much as drizzles. I’m not particularly fond of Oklahoma during tornado season. And with that, I’m off to compulsively check the news.
I may have to wake up my 5-year-old for another lesson on positive thinking.

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