Allergies. Ung. Benadryl, Zyrtec–why won’t you help me in my hour of need? I’m pretty doped up on medication so I’ll make this short and sweet:
May. I think the folks over at the schools team up with doctors, league officials, the government, and possibly the Devil in order to create the most chaotic month of the year: PTO Carnvial. PTO Auction. Class projects. Relay for Life. Fundraising. Choir practice. Choir concert. Band practice. Band concerts. NJHS field trip. Testing. T-ball. More t-ball. And still, more t-ball. Dentist appointments. Pediatrician appointments. Shots. Optometrist appointments. Glasses for Cheyenne. Contacts for Cheyenne. Glasses for me. Contacts for me. Vet appointments. Annual shots, tick&flea medicine and heartworm pills–for all three (large) dogs. New carpets. New paint. Merrick’s birthday. Cheyenne’s birthday.
I’m out of energy. And by the end of next month, I’ll be out of money, too.
And if this post had you wondering, I really do love my life. Really. Even when I’m dripping with snot and my head is throbbing, and I can’t see worth a crap because my last pair of contacts should have been tossed 4 months ago, and I’m throwing money every which-way, and the kids are overtired and constipated and cranky from all the errands and appointments and practices, and my car window won’t roll up or down, and Caleb’s asking me whether or not I sufficiently watered the lower-left-hand quadrant of the garden, and the dogs are whining because I won’t let them finish digging a massive hole in my front yard…I have it pretty good. At some point in time, I’ll go into why. For now, everyone have a good rest of the week/month/summer.
That is all.

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2 responses to “Exhaust…ed.

  • barnyardmama

    Can I just go ahead and blame No Child Left Behind? Pretty please? Since you can’t do anything fun BEFORE the standardized tests, then you have to do it after and that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time. Alleriges are finally starting to abate over here, which is good because I was ready to fire my nose.Katy

  • Arthur

    the dullest work is to most people less painful than idleness

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