The Rundown:

  • 2010 will be the year of the Strawberry, as our strawberry patch is finally taking off after about 5 years. Yesterday I picked 6 big ones, and that’s only because I didn’t have time to get to the rest of them.
  • Mia’s school just had a walking "thing" today: The kids walk from the school up to the church at the end of the street, and back, two or three classes at a time. Sticking Merrick in the stroller and tagging along with them seemed like a pretty easy way to participate, but when it was all said and done, I realized that teachers not only get paid too little, they get paid WAY TOO LITTLE. And I don’t even know what exactly they get paid. I could never do it. I mean, I guess it might be different if I knew I could come home and relax and not have a zillion (cute, of course) little voices screeching in my ears. One kid tripped over air and screamed–this horrible, high-pitched banshee gut scream–the entire walk back. I wanted rip my hair out. But, in all fairness to those who actually can put up with a room full of little kids all at once for 8 hours a day, I am a little high strung. To me, having two kids feels like ten kids, and ten kids feels like 100. So, to close, yeah. I’m good for one hour watching 2 year-olds at church each week, but there’s a reason why I didn’t consider a career in early childhood or elementary education.
  • And speaking of education, Cheyenne’s got an awards ceremony at her school this Friday. She also has her band concert of concerts tomorrow night at the University of Oklahoma. I really look foward to it–although I’m not sure Merrick will last through the whole thing. I hadn’t thought about it until now, but I might have to think about finding a babysitter to watch TV and make sure the house doesn’t burn down while he sleeps.
  • And speaking of Cheyenne, she’s going on a cruise this summer–A CRUISE!–to the Carribean with her other dad. I found this out yesterday afternoon and then I watched "Taken" last night. BAD idea. She actually might not ever leave her own bedroom if I have anything to do with it.
  • Caleb semi-fixed my car window. He jacked with it for hours this weekend, and I was truly afraid I’d be driving around without a car door, but he finally got it to where the window rolled all the way up. It won’t go down, but I’m okay with that. Especially since it eliminates the need for duct tape–the scourge, the scarlet letter.
  • Every DVD we own skips. I’d like to blame it on the DVD player, but I’m pretty sure it’s because Merrick has been taking them out and playing with them from time to time. It’s not like I let him do it, y’all. He’s just a fast little thing. He could probably take apart an entire car in the time it takes me to go to the bathroom.
  • I’m Relaying for Life this Friday night, and I’m going to attempt to make brownies for the bake sale we’re having to raise money. I don’t know how much money exactly my brownies will pull, but if they turn out decent (read: NOT BURNT) then they should charge mucho dinero, since it is a tremendous feat for me to bake anything without ruining it in some way. I signed up back in August, not remembering that the first week of May is always one of the most busiest weeks of the year for me. I’m glad I’m doing it, but seriously, how long does it take to cure cancer already?

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3 responses to “The Rundown:

  • barnyardmama

    Charlie chews on DVDs. Cleaning them with Windex can help. People who teach small children amaze me–I can’t take the clinginess and the pace–it takes them an hour to do something that should take five minutes. Duct tape is better than calk, which is what my husband used to fix a broken sun roof on his last car. Hated it.

  • Tina

    LOL your so funny I see your still burning all of your favorite goodies!! I love you.. Good luck with all the kids because I feel like that alot At MY house. 4 kids, a husband with to many ideas and a cat that just wont keep his claws out of my $500 couch. Oh life with the family. Now we know what Mom has been talking about all these years!

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