Question: What the heck good would banning assault rifles in America do as far as keeping cartels in check? I’m pretty sure these guys are not going to have a problem getting them one way or another. But if we take away assault rifles from Americans, how in the world can we protect ourselves from the bad guys (or zombie takeover)? Not that I have an assault rifle. Not that I even know what one is. But still. The cartels are better armed than the Mexican government for crying out loud. Are we trying to make it to where they have a leg up on us, too? How come we’re spending all this money on fighting countries halfway around the world, when the more immediate threat to our country, I think, is coming from these Mexican drug dealers–and the drugs that they deal?  Mexican authorities can’t get a handle on the situation; it might be in our best interest to step in and help out. I’m just sayin’.

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