Wore Slap Out

Hey there, family, friends, and computer people I don’t know.
My blogging has been a bit non-regular lately, and for good reason. I’m busy. I’m tired. My head hurts. My kids are screaming. My kids are most certainly not sleeping. My dogs are barking (and peeing on everything I own.) My husband is working. The house needs cleaning/organizing/painting/bug-bombing. Did I mention that I’m busy and tired and that my kids are screaming?
Merrick is now 2 years old. The girls are out of school for the summer. Cheyenne asks for a tattoo and a nose-piercing every day. Mia has had a crazy fever on and off for the past week. Merrick is constantly beating up on Mia, pinching her, hitting her, shoving her, pulling her hair, clocking her in the face with his toy truck made of what can only be lead. Caleb’s been out of town so much that, when he does come home, I feel like I’m having company over.
All the funny-ha-ha has been drained out of me. My energy is gone and there’s no hope of it coming back anytime soon. My hair goes curly and tangled most days. I can’t remember the last time I shaved my legs. And this next month is shaping up to be even more stressful than the last.
Church has been my saving grace–get it? Saving gra… oh nevermind. I’ve been making it just about every Sunday, and it’s the one day a week where I feel calm and refreshed. Which is great, but I have yet to figure out how to harness that calm and keep it with me Monday through Saturday.
Honestly, I just want to sit with my kids and read library books, take them for walks, push them on the swings. I’d love to go shopping with Cheyenne. I’m ready to put my dogs in a 5X5 chain-link cage in a far corner of the backyard and leave them there. I have a million ideas for writing, or painting, but so far they haven’t made it off of scrap paper. I could sure use a country drive with my husband or an evening on our back porch in our sweet reclining lawn chairs, looking at the stars.
I know that it’s just only the end of May–I haven’t even made it to Memorial Day weekend. Things will calm down and I’ll get to do all that fun stuff I mentioned. My dogs might not end up in a kennel but they will spend a lot more time outdoors in order for me to retain some sanity this summer. Mia will start feeling better soon. Merrick will grow out of his violent phase. Cheyenne will decide that purple-and-turquoise hair isn’t that great of an idea after all. We have family coming up here to get married in June. And Caleb will eventually take a day or two off. So, even though it got off to a rough start, this summer will be great.
Now to get off this computer. Do I dare try to shave my legs while the kids are awake?

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2 responses to “Wore Slap Out

  • Tina

    Oh my sounds like my life but add the full time business! I feel the same way about Sundays its my only day where everything seems great! The rest of the week is insain!! You just need a few days off and out with friends and some ALONE time with your man! That always puts you in a better mood. I love you.. just keep praying!

  • barnyardmama

    Sounds like a rough time. A tattoo? Lawd. Church does make for a peaceful Sunday–if you figure out how to harnass it, then please let me know. Hopefully this is a passing stage. . .

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